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Fortunate Son Meets The Prodigal One.

"You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!... but you keep it all inside."

The Quicks and Perks of ...Queuing Up: The shortages are gone but the Cold War nightmares continue

So I'm back in Mother F"n Russia. Part Victoria Secret Cat Walk, part Janitor-in-a-Drum-gold-plated Septic tank....

And Then There is The Hermitage: Saw Leonardo di Caprio's Madonna and Child Michelangelo's Crouching Boy Statue, and Rembrandt's Prodigal Son.

What's hot verses what's not:
Waiting in line for six hours for the latest iteration of i phone at the Apple Store (Hot) verses

waiting on line from 8AM to 10:30 to step foot in The Hermitage.(Not) + the multiplier effect getting to role play in an old soviet peasant breadline scene--Still, damn well grateful for the opportunity.
Very authentic.


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