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Greetings from the user friendly universe of the North Shore ---I got LOST this past week...feeling like an Oceanic Flight 815 crash survivor.

Yes, I have clearly been affected by the lush vegetation and flower essences of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. This plane wreck is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

Did the zero commute to the set. Got paid for the waiting, the acting was free.

Put "The Strength Of Weak Ties" (Craigs List!) into action and got a SAAB 900! for the same price Mom sold me her Dodge Dart back in the stone ages of 1975, $100 US Dollars!

I am on the divine payroll these days... a cosmic free lunch.

Gringos over the Rainbow in the Aloha State...

There is no there there--it just is
...and it depends on what your definition of is is.
For some it is: How high are you?"; for others, it's "Hi, how are you? and then there's just plain, "Hullo"

Ah Hawaii! in a place where Maryjuana trumps Blackberries for productivity.

Literary Sherpa to the critical mass, I feel like a local who "gets it", without having to resort to THAT altered states. A born mystic, my happily crucified intellect is dying on the cross of Club Amnesia, aka, the gathering place, aka, Oahu. All I can say---I know the lines---the book is better than the movie---Forgive them for they know not what they do...

Hawaii doesn't so much as remove the heavy lifting of real thinking. It just keeps you lean and trim on a low information diet, where the "where" of your happiness takes on new meaning.

If you thought washing your hands 3o times a day was fun, try spending time sitting still, doing nothing. Emptiness in full bloom ...Try it: Procrastinate Now!

Hawaii has a way of creating your NOT To Do List. the on demand vibe is about simplicity, and that's scarce, a To Be list.

It gives a selective ignorance that is bliss, and although, I doubt, most of the folks here have heard of Joseph Campbell, they are certainly following his madate to: "Follow your bliss"

Who's Your City?

The place you choose to live is the most important decision you'll ever make, right? Ten years ago, even five years ago, I would have said yes, but location neutral Hotel @nyware says, it doesn't matter any more... a phone, a fax, e mail, an internet connection, but again, the strength of weak ties cannot come into play when you live on or under a rock....

There is a great creative divide--It used to be bandwidth have's and have not's--now everybody can get broadband. Talent does what it can genius what it must. I have been there done that-- visited every enormous and creative hub on this whole wide world----IQ magnets like New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo. the San Francisco's and Bostons of the world the Taipei's and Singapore's, These are the great organizing units of the world, producing the bulk of its wealth,attracting a large share of its talent and generating the lion's shareof innovation, the talent pools from Amsterdam and Dublin, Toronto and Vancouver.

Bangalore, New Delhi, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou are on my wish list to visit.

Unique, New York....Biology may be biography but Geography is destiny. I was lucky enough to be born, raised and schooled in money centric New York City, an I Q magnet, where the brains are. I like to call-the United States of Unconsciousness---the suburbs.

If you're not in the Boston-New York-Washington economic power corridor, or the enormous creative hubs of the San Franciscos and LA's., it hard to be a geek of all trades-- Part of the "Creative Class"---entrepreneurs, computer programers, architects,entertainers marketers where knowledge, creativity and innovation are key.

On Mug Life--Caffeine,not just a drug, but a vitamin too...

"I feel like somebody from another tax bracket, part of the vast right wing conspiracy---using a laptop in a Waikiki Starbucks--and NO, I will not fix your computer!" Ed Reif


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