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Maui--Greetings from the global power spot and vortex of Mt. Haleakala's lava dome, aka,"House of the Sun"; where the first lunar astronuts trained and future space cadets get to blast off into nirvana. This is perhaps the most powerful energy zone on the planet.

I've been repatriated back to the Valley Island; applying for citizenship in the comfort zone and state of mind of Aslowha; taking a few courses for my B.E: a Bachelor's of Enlightenment.

At the summit, I met up with , Paulette, a Euro-Asian- British-Afro-Caribbean beauty.

"Cause Im every woman. Its all in me".

Boy could her looks sing. Everyone else seemed like Karaoke Wahines, copycats.

Faith: Apostle Phil Was Full Of It

After the downhill descent, Paulete showed me around up country Makawao, an "off the grid" community where I participated in her shared halucination of new age Aquarian Moonwind Morningstar Jonathan Livingston Seagull proportions - at Dragon Den's Herb Store.

Paulette introduced me to The Dream Team-- Bipolar Phil,a cross between Taxi's Christopher Lloyd and The Passion Of Christ's Jim Caviezel. I gave it my best shot to pick up the pieces from his mathematical dust, connect the dots, and start from where I was---in Hell! well actually heck---it was all harmless, the diet coke of evil stuff, 1/2 a calorie of it. Not evil enough.

Phil was kind enough to do some David Letterman stupid pet tricks with his imaginary animal companion Nefertiti. He birthed her on a Vision Quest in Hilo, on the big island, during a total eclipse vernal equinox. Now THAT was pure evil!

Grounding things out was his Vanna , Scarlett, a Drops of Jupiter 20 something Vegan who practices Tai Ch'i & drink Chai Tea. Her midwest good looks disalarmed her neo-paganistic pretentions. I didn't need to buy a vowel to solve her puzzled look on her face.

Phil was a tool, but Scarlet was a Sand-wich:When you practice witchcraft in "Life's a beach"Maui, that makes you a few short of a picnic.

Phil , let's just call him Filthy-Mr Rainbow Bodhi-Filthy Phil--- who lives in a tent behind the store, has a little more ying than yang. No running water and such. Phil is a SNAG, a Sensitive New Age Guy.

Filthy did a little pro bono divination- He told me I was from Manhattan and Jewish-He got the NYC part right. That was easy because I never did quite shake the LawnGuyland regional accent, but the Jewish part, that was pure Jihad.

"What's that smell" my nose asked

"It's Cedar-it helps increase your psychic substance, would you like some?" he offered.

Actually, I was talking about that other stench--the one that smelled like industrial- strength-locker room- ass...but I can't always express every thought that comes to mind...

"Sure Phil" I shrugged, "you can never have enough psychic substance Go ahead Feng Shui away."

He took a windex bottle out and started spraying me, chanting some double speak neuro-talk.

He gave the top three ---Buddha , Krishna , and Yahweh, an honorable mention, but Tutankhamen and Henry the Eighth. He lost me.

" No worries", as dudespeakers in the strangerhood town Paia put it.

Although I left with the weird sensation that the local fish-- mahi mahi's, have fasinating personalities. I was entering TV land's Twilight Zone looney wav.

Thinking..."Live well and prosper, and, Beam me up Scotty."

What a trip! After a stop at Down To Earth health food store, we made our way over to Twin Falls, where we drank fresh squeezed cane juice, and had Maui gold pineapple--one of the sweetest I've had in a long time.

Shane, the anti-barrista, complete with Kinko curley red hair , cannabis stained finger tips, and OshKosh overalls, copped to the local "ohana" rate after I asked,

"Are you sure this drink is $10 bucks?

We picked ripe guavas and bananas from the nearby trees. Paulette showed me the photos she took of us, and some from this year abroad when she lived in Venice, Italy

"That looks like Vegas, The Venetian" I meant it!

Enlighten Up Ed!

You know, you can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf, surfing the waves of enlightened moments.

Guess what? When it comes right down to it, where ever I go there I am. Whatever I wind up doing, I wind up doing. Whatever I'm thinking right now, that's what's on my mind. The important question is, now what?

In a world that is moving too fast, the only way to gain personal power is to learn to slow down. The world we want for ourselves and our children will not emerge from pedal-to the- metal speed but rather from a buddha boy spiritual stillness that takes root in our souls.

And the only way to spread one's influence wide is to learn to go long and deep , where East meets West, in the Not So Far East of Hawaii.

Home is not only where the heart is but also where the computer is--and we write to create a world that reflects the heart instead of shattering it.

A fool and his money are soon parted---the oddysey of an average wayfarer.

In one of those that was zen,this is now moments--- the the fool on the hill persists in his folly and becomes (other)wise.I got soaked in Haleakala's subtle, and absolutely silent grace and satori, a kiss from the divine, something for nothing when I least expected.

It's everything I wanted and nothing I needed; a soaring wide angle feeling of freedom and freevangelical power. It took "Everything you are seeking is already here" from a concept to a statement.

Kiss And Tell

Sometimes doing is the wrong thing. There's no smaller package than being all wrapped up in yourself. Less intentional than attentional, I drop the alpha dogma, leaving no shadow, no trace of myself-- Fugly Madame Pele is the new pretty. I have to laugh at her stand-up cosmology.

The wind whispers in my ear,"You go your way, I'll go Maui". It makes this moment fresh, timeless, freed up, wide open.

In such moments, I transcend who I think I am, and cultivate "the witness". I'm an Urban Monk. You are what you eat. It's all one taste; especially when you are eating up the light.

Note To Self: You can let the same force that makes volcanos soar, stars shine, planets move and trees grow run your life, or you can do it yourself.


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