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I don't see things as they are; I see them as I am.

Right now, I don’t see the waves, I am the waves,

I don’t touch the sandy beach, I am the sandy beach.

I don’t feel the sunshine, I am the sunshine.

To live in this vastness is to bathe in the ocean that mystics call one taste.

These are the good old days--- enduring moments when I say that this is the ever "me".

I can drink the Pacific in a single big gulp, with one single big mind.

I can be happy in the world only because I am free of it. I am not addicted to experiences and memories. I don’t need to gather any more experiences . I go beyond all that.

Life is just as it is. I am as I always was.There was never any journey.
What I was looking for is what was looking---the noticer.

I can have all the love I want in the world for the asking. . Love flows through all that isso I am that love too.

I have access to love within my self, and it says, “ I myself am beauty. I myself am joy. I myself am happiness.”

Knowing myself as myself is the ultimate intimacy. It is original love.

So what do I need of anything else in the world?

Whenever I look at anything or anyone as separate from me, I am afraid of it. Love is letting go of that fear.

My love refuses to separate, to make distinctions. The nectar of love empowers me with its message that I am, always have been, and always will be, made of love.

When I realize the depth and fullness of my love of myself, I know that every body and everybody and the entire universe are included in my affection. I love naturally and spontaneously.

There is only love, and all I can do is remove the obstacles to the awareness of this love.

I have a power which makes all things love - worthy and lovable.


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