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 A landscape shaped by stonewalls and geology.

Silence is the presence of time undisturbed. It  is not the absence of something but the presence of everything-welcome to Fair Isle, Britian's most remote inhabited island population 45 plus 8 dogs. One of them being our Aberdeen Scottish Terrier puppy  Skyelark, born in Charleston, South Carolina 10 month ago Jan 10th. She made the trek with us to Shetland to frolic on her ancestral highlands.


With the gale winds, and waves constantly crashing along the jagged coastline, it creates its own kind of white noise, and soundtrack to my How To Disappear novel I always wanted to write. There is a fundamental frequency for these parts,  and turning in is not dropping out but turning on to it.

FADE IN: BAM...the incredible lightness of being is present. Skyelark is bouncing on the silage, the wind is blowing strong and the day is measured in length and width as this pasturing of  the soul continues and this peaceful accord with the land and elements continues.


We are not savaged by cars and bars just stars, and no light polution makes communion with the cosmos so pedestrian.


We have to remind ourselves of the privilege we experience simply by being here and not over there somewhere else.


This place sticks to you-It can be felt in the chest. It nurtures our nature.istening to your inner voice amid the noise of modern life can be difficult- This place makes it easy. Our 90 days here have  evolved to satisfy our  most basic yearnings. All that's missing is trees, those cosmic miracles called forests.


You have to be a somebody before you can be a nobody, and we are definitely egoless in this place and I for and Island. Check Please.



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