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I still need my space

Lets celebrate Youthful American Bravado, not just the shiny suits and NASA Logo I'm wearing - but the test pilots with leather helmets and goggles, who sat in "Spam in a can" capsules powered by dynamite, and punched holes in the sky at Mach 2.3, going into space with the coolness necessary to return despite a 1 in 4 chance of not,  and doing  it all again. They managed this stress through competency.

No bucks, no Buck Rogers-it takes money to run a space program. 

The whole state of Florida is coastline, an  American paradise known 
as The Red Neck Riviera -The Youniverse. Tranquility base.The ego has landed.
My girl Sarah,  a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist!

Riding the sky.


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