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My Start-

  Having no education can be an economic death sentence: but a unique talent, grants you a global passport. Free to KNOW, GO and DO. Talent makes capital dance.I Sell my cleverness and buy bewilderment.

Luck is probability taken personally

The one is mere opinion, the other is intuition. I've found that luck is quite predictable. If I want more luck, I take more chances. Yet the paradox of choice can sometimes create more problems than solutions. Choosing a life of excessive generosity and voluntary simplicity can be a refreshing option.

 The road to excess, has led to the palace of wisdom.The Japanese call it wabi sabi - the ability to love an imperfect situation perfectly and go with the flow. It's living a full life by intentionally designing it so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything important or waste your time, money or energy. It's the law of least effort, the strength of weak ties and < = > (less is more) 5-2=7 getting rid of things that don't serve you can actually be a value add.

 You can't have everything-where would you put it? I may not have had resources, but I was resourceful. All you need and resourcefulness, and lots of people along the way who act as co conspiritors and of course the hidden hands of the universal mind. It starts by knowing more-the more I know the better I am--traveling accelerates that "knowing".

Yet, knowledge isn't the power---applying the knowledge IS...of positive intent, expecting the best out of everyone, and eliminating opportunities for anger in your life. Instead, opening up the dialogue for re-creation and the exultation of the possible. Growing old is not optional, growing up is. Since I have not "unlearned" how to begin, it still is exquisite to venture out, but I have to consent to doing this alone.The vision must be followed by the venture----it's not enough to stare at the ocean, you have to get in your boat and row.

The Hawaiian Islands 1994-My First Ship -
 A Rust Bucket- SS Constitution  (a glorified ferry)
with a lot of heart known as "American Hawaii Cruises" 
 I hoped the Pacific was as big and blue as it was in my dreams-and it was. I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list. At sea, that always-on, 24/7, hyper-connected consumer culture is gone, leading to a spike in creativity and focused, elegant ideas that cut through the clutter of modern-day existence. It also makes you more generous, more creative, more content and more simple. I am not trying to be better than anyone else just better than I used to be.

 You spell time L-O-V-E and Time is nature's way of not having everything happen all at once. Love is our inheritance. Fear is what we acquire from our schooling. The journey of the spirit is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. When I got old(er), I didn't really want to change myself, so I change(d) my environment, motion creates emotion and environment creates mood., eh? The world was full of magical things patiently waiting for my brain to grow sharper. I was at the point where I sold cars in Los Angeles aka, Los Angry Cars. I had that feeling-I don't care what's on TV. I only care what else is on TV. Watching other peoples lives instead of living my own, this impatience with broadcast options was a symptom to leave and the god of restlessness made me eager to start journeying again and again. So I did. I started in Hawaii


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