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“If you want a Cathedral, we’ve got one to spare…
” so goes the old Liverpool folk song

The  beat poet Allen Ginsberg said "at the present moment (1965), the center of consciousness of the human universe is here".

The Cavern Club, proud to be the birthplace of the best
 band in the world--- The Beatles. In 2 years they played almost 300x) Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, 
the Hard Days Night Hotel. it's all there on the Magical Mystery Tour.  The Who and The Kinks played here too.
 Paul McCartney, John Lennon Club Owner Ray McFall, Cynthia
Liverpool does   have a west coast vibe. Yet the tenure of Europe's capital of  culture is overstated. There are still bands arrogant enough to believe that  they can  overthrow the legacy of the Beatles practicing in abandoned warehouses and lofts. There are the museums, Alfred Dock, this  huge  Gothic cathedral that appears out of nowhere like a Denali or Kilimanjaro. 

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is Britain's biggest Cathedral, and took 74 years to build and in fact, they are still building it!

Having been almost  everywhere  on the planet, it is easy for me to see that  the "stuff" here has shipped in from somewhere else, including the people  Since the 16th century, it has been a trading partner and  a port of call for the Irish, and in a sense, Liverpool is  the spiritual capital of Ireland - not Dublin.

Stayed at a great hotel called Georgian Town House Hotel
The Docks


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