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Everyone travels to London, Rome, NYC and Paris…. but how many people get to travel to Santorini, Aruba or Piraeus? These are like curated vacations, Sailing the seven seas on a cruise ship and getting paid for it!

I miss the newly wed, the nearly dead and the overfed----Now I am a Land Sailor, on break from the most amazing two months at sea onboard Holland America's Prinsendam: Videos of The Arctic Circle, The Norwegian Fjords capture the AWE in  this awesomeness...

I drive  "the wrong side" of the road, in Britian and  ended up HERE, in the Midlands...

What could be better- er....Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Naan. The flagship dish of Britain's acclaimed 'national cuisine'was invented in Birmingham in the 1970's.

Neon Blue Paraiba! with Mint Nail Polish-Delicious.
Birmingham, which is under construction-Three projects going on simultaneously.  Managed to shut the GPS off, and just use a plain old paper map to  find and visit The Jewellery  Quarter. I saw some amazing Gemstones and Colored Diamond Rings,
Pendants and Earrings. Just window shopping but retail therapy for my wife.


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