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The Have And The Have Yachts-Dubai
If you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. I decided to play it safe and just never work another day in my life, that is to say, earn a living. I'm more concerned with how to live with the space between and making the invisible real

It's the space between the bars
that holds the tiger

Write? Right!

Proust decided he’d done enough living by age 30 and decided to spend the rest of his life processing the life he’d lived in a book called Remembrance Of   Things Past.

A Zentrepeneur
 I found the loophole in The System too - If  I started my own blog- Hotel @nyware,  then I automatically had a job. Yet I continue(d) to travel because I needed more “content” and continue to do freelance work whenever I run out of cash.

Every day is a journey," wrote Basho, "and the journey itself is home. I am Basho on a frequent flyer pass, with complimentary mojo on take-off. What am I on?—I don’t do drugs I am drugs. I’m A 1 man National Geographic ON that everywhere trip.

Self-Employment was made harder because I had such a difficult boss, and, more than that, in a digital economy- Information wants to be free. Jay Z said it best “ I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!”  They say, until you get paid for something you love doing--it's just a hobby. I am on the divine payroll.  The Myth of Homer's Epic Odyssey are  public dreams. My dreams of cruising around the world  are private myths. Until now.

YOLO, Stuck between the Hotel California Syndrome---Check out anytime but never leave--- and Hunter S. Thompson’s "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much room" approach.  I have been able to fuel both worlds, living large on cruise ships, MAXING OUT and blogging about it- Literature in a hurry. 

If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up (on a cruise ship). Hunter S. Thompson

Hours of boredom, moments of hysteria, everyday I go out of my  ind in order to come to my senses at sea.  Cruising is the IN to my sane, my own private religion where the bulk of my soul and spirit has been invested. Ed Reif Read More 
@Sea-An I For An Island

 My T.O.E. Time On Earth  doesn’t always read as a legible diary or even a larger than Life  BIO that is so off-the-chain  that I have no time for reflection and need a ghostwriter. The best thing I can say is that I am ACTING AS IF- As if it had been my intention all along- With that very empowering thought I evoke my WILL and get to say Life happens FOR me not TO me.
 The whole damn  adventure is its own payday — but it's gotta be, and it is  dangerous, risky  and has the mountain tops and the valleys--- all of them beyond control.  My Myth lets me  know where I am @.

I know both sides because I am both sides- First, there is: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Brussels  fast and furious march of stupidity called Tourism. Next, there is:  the excess and hedonism bucket-list - Read More @9 Cruises I had To Go On Before I Died
What better place to do it all then on a ship--The perfect combination---the silence of the cloister with - the license of the brothel: The live/examine days at sea and the live/relax moments in the ports of call.  

Being awake and mindful is a great attitude to inform my blog posts.  Mindfulness is sort of a continuous  attitude that makes this larger narrative process   and make it more productive.

I Have Had All The Disadvantages Required For Success
 on the Hero's Journey, no money, no time, no opportunity. 

ONLY Acting AS IF..

I Myth  You Joseph Campbell     

Telling your own story

Put the He/r in Hero. Don’t RENT your life, OWN it. Live Your Dream(s) Now, not your Back-Up Plan Later. Read More at Escape TO Reality Motion creates emotion and emotion is the key to living the hero's Journey NOW.

Time, Money, opportunities- It is not about finite resources but resourcefulness- Free isn’t  just an option when you go your own way and tell your own story, it’s the inevitable endpoint, a force of economic gravity  that is #winning at this radical  price @ $0/day. And yes there are the unknown unknowns and the Black Swan, rare but highly consequential events that will inhabit your journey and make you take a service job of last resort for a few weeks, days, hours ---Barista’s, Ditch Diggers, Grass Cutters ---Rock On! Guys with the logo baseball caps.

Capitalism is creative destruction and so is Deep Story. It’s  transformative.

Nirvana-Come As You Are
Money isn't the root of all evil, boredom is the root of all evil, a spiritual anorexia- the despairing refusal to be oneself. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, once you let go of the life you have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for you. Live your dream not your back up plan.

The Golden Rule- Infinite Smile
An authority is someone who authors our collective story, telling us what is “true.” We often tell ourselves these stories, take refuge in them and become intimately acquainted with these narratives, but when we tell our own story—and write our own autobiography, we truly begin to live more consciously and unfold our own myth.

On Board

What is my yoga- My yoga is being on cruise ships.

There are 3 types of PPL. Those who are alive, those who are dead,
and those who are at sea- Happy 10 Years Dr Pierre and 11 Sarah E Kennedy


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