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This is how I Summed up Previous January New Year's Day

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

Nevertheless, Next time, I'll live life backwards, start out dead, and get that out of the way, then finish with the fireworks.Why wait for 2020 to have perfect vision

Your everlasting summer/You can see it fading fast/So you grab a piece of something/That you think is gonna last
You wouldn't know a diamond/If you held it in your hand/The things you think are precious I can't understand

Are you reelin' in the years/ Stowin' away the time/ Are you gatherin' up the tears/ Have you had enough of mine

Happy 2008 From Ka'a'wa, Hawaii

Being T/here in in Hawaii has put me in a unique space ..  Read More

New Year 2009 The Majik Kingdom-Not Disneyy

One eyed man in the land of the blind Read More

Happy 2010 Cruise Control-Hundreds of Tropical Caribbean Islands

Why wait until the year 2020 for perfect vision?Zencrafters-Instant enlightenment in about 20 minutes Read More

Fly a Russian MiG-29 at Mach 2 or Take A World Cruise in Zero Gravity- I'll take things that I know for $60,000 Alex.  Read More

Happy 2012 Las Vegas-Heads Up

 Headlines-In the beginning, there was Michael.Jordan was the poster guy for the perfectly bald man. He made shaving cutting edge...Read More


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