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As good as it gets, all of these Caribbean islands
 have white sandy shorelines with the same
New Yorkers you might be fighting with for parking spaces back home only this time it's beach chairs. 

ABC Aruba Bonaire and Curacao

 Actually BCA- that is the order we are sailing. Little Amsterdam, or Willemstad  in Curacao on  Thanksgiving.

 I always like sailing to the Netherlands Antilles.Ten Years ago I came here with fifty dollars and left with $300. Now that's how they vacation in The Netherlands or is this Venezuela? They sell the paradise experience real well here.   Last year, on Crystal was amazing. Two years   before on MSC. 

A is For Aruba 

They speak a lot more Dutch here (in Aruba) than I expected. There's a lot of casinos, and a lot of the online poker/sportsbook sites who set up -offshore-shops.

B is for Bonaire, and I  haven't been there yet. So tomorrow I am looking forward to a  Life Is A Beach day

 Then there is "C" , Curacao, pronounced CuraƧao. It is a quintessential port town with lots of activity and a quasi European feel, If you ever wished palm trees in Holland and 80 degree Januaries; complete with Amsterdam-like canals.


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