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Snow and Ice Fire And Rain

Nature is more, Man and Cruiseship, less.

A fjord is when sea water floods a valley carved out by a glacier. I have cruised in New Zealand's Flords, and Norway's, and this one, Tracy Fjord is equally astonishing and beautiful. The Fjords are Alaska's  Ecstasy.

The definition of ecstasy is that you are not doing your ordinary everyday routine....essentially stepping into an alternative reality.The blue glacier ice makes the invisible visible. Glaciers appear blue in color because water, including the frozen water that makes up glaciers) is very good at absorbing light.

Love is a blue sky on a glacier  pasture, and I am Quinn the Eskimo eating it all up
The more icy and clear an iceberg, the bluer it appears.

I met  a guy named Art. I took  him to a museum, hung him on the wall, criticized him, and left. Alaska, however, makes me want to wrap myself in tinfoil and walk on the moon.


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