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If people concentrated on the really important things they'd be a shortage of fishing poles. Carpet Diem means fish of the day around here. Pinks and Silver-Ko ho salmon.

Fishing is actually boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting

I Hear Invoices 

I am thinking of that movie with Brando " I coulda been a contender." the central theme of the coulda, shouda, woulda crowd. At sea, however,  we have no CNN effect  nor 57 channels  to tell us our dancing, singing and comedy  is not good enough as American Idol-click- or DWTS-click, TMZ-click or Reality TV.

The Way In Is The Way Out

It's all self referential which ends up being the way out of the Contender Syndrome and  America’s culture of envy, and wanting be, do, and have more. The disease of more is  really an indictment of our  own judgments that we haven’t accomplished enough. Reaching our potential comes from a discrepancy between the ‘actual self’ (who we are), the ‘ideal self’ (who we’d like to be), and the ‘ought self’ (who we think others want us to be).

I am paying myself first.


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