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His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Integration-
Pulling a rabbit out of his hat again.

What am I on? My bike. 

All Good PPL(Your Move)
Monkeying around -
Homage to the Lord of the Rings
I biked past Chess Park, where (Pre-September 11th), my buddy Bicycle Pete PBUH who lived in his  van, frequented, along with  the Old  Radicals- John Demjanjuk look-alike- "Swiss" Pierre, the kindly Grandfather with that Nazi past, who sat all day under his rainbow umbrella giving chess "lessons" for a $1 a game;

Hired Gun for the RAND corporation Irwin, who was busy living happily ever after; Grandmaster of The Caro Cann Defense- e4 c6-Mark Rosenberg, who had no visible means of support, and was the self-proclaimed King of Chess Park, a Barney Fife public safety officer with his  trademark straw hat and bright Hawaiian shirts, who got The Urinator-one of the "houseless"  ticketed for trespassing and publicly peeing at the park on more than one occasion.

1991 With Pierre
In fact Mark  value-added on the current design of Chess Park(see phto on left) ; and Persian  Architect Isaac the "Lord of The Rings". I took a victory lap for the Shah of L.A.(see above right).  

Houston ,We have a Bunny!
All of these guys-as shallow and pedantic we may have been ---used to pontificate about ...renaming Santa Monica Ho Chi Minh City,' and complain and kibitz about— the conservatives, the landlords, the developers, the busy  people.

 Life Guard and Pope Of Greenwich Village with his  SP50 Zinc oxide sunscreen on his recently basel cell scrapped  nose-Dave, settled on The Peoples Republic of... Yes, it had  an-all-you-can-eat Smörgåsbord of Big Sur, NY Soho  and Beverly Hills-by-the-sea, run by the Green Party  and new age ethos Woodstock Generation ( ultra-wealthy aging hippies, environmentalists and socialists) all wrapped up in one.

 There's a little more status and a lot more quo these days--and  all the Old Radicals are nowhere to be seen. 3 days ago, actor Donald Sutherland hit a bicyclist. I wonder if it was Pete?


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