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  From A to B and Back Again

There's nothing more American, then spending time in someone elses country.Here in the  Northern territories, there's a feeling comes over you that you are gone back to Genesis. No wait, this is Charles Darwin's namesake , I mean,Evolution----It's dead easy to die; it's the keeping on living that's hard. Can't help thinking about the Dawin Awards--Honoring those who improve the accidentally removing themselves from it.

As works of art, they appear to be conversations between two drunks

Fair Trade Coffee is tired, Fair Trade Art is wired

Art is anything you can get away with, and making something out of nothing and selling it. The middlemen-Christies, Sotheby's- are good at that.  But the "Imitation Industry" here-- at the malls, and t shirt shops, are better at it., sourcing their art from "Made in China\, Vietnam and Indonesia".
Every aboriginal art piece contains a story, passed down through generations over tens of thousands of years--but with some R&D, that is, rip off and duplication, from Xerox to infinity- the copy is better than the original, from  a  tourist -hedonists point-of-view of the look and feel of OZ, and we are none the wiser.
As Family Guy's Peter Griffin says" It insists upon itself", and like Peter, I have no clue what these stories tell, but I like the designs. I bought a t shirt, some boomerangs, but to my credit, I did visit authentic galleries and talked to the locals.

Say Know to Fake-Authentic

When I was in Paris in November 2010, the gallery owners and auction houses were price gouging this medium.I thought, today, I would shift my paradigm for a while and walk down the dirt road so to speak...   a sort of  cultural  Lourdes, where the successful PR of aboriginal art making in the bush  could be  dispelled by a dip in the  remote waters of  aboriginal originality and simplicity, and receive a better inspiration  of the creative forces of Dream time.

When I stared long enough at one of these beauties, they had Christ-like powers, and I was momentarily healed of  globalism, consumerism and every other ism including cultural plagiarism, and Darwinism.   Unfortunately, the take away was: The best way to "help" the aboriginals is to become one of them, sharing their skin.

“The more you know, the less you need” is an Australian Aboriginal Proverb so:Just say Know.


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