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First, there was Melbourne, the Strawberry Shortcake of cognitive dissonance--- Anglo and Asian at the same time. Next, Sydney, the reliable and high class Mitt Romney of  the land down under, Finally, the Brisbane brand, like Fredo Corleone, or Steven, the Weaker, Baldwin brother--it seems to have been passed over by Pop aka,The Wizard of OZ Weatherman, what with the storms, the floods, the typhoons...

The PPL 2

The Untethered-all-beered up--pedal-to-the-metal regulars; a bunch of 20 something ish kids in 30 something bodies, with time on their hands. Every potentially career-killing  setback and artery-clogging rant only seems to make them stronger. The  whole place seems to be an economic province of China.(That goes for New ZEALand too) The future’s looking so bright for Brisban, it feels like Satan is pouring lava into their skulls. 

Is it more like England or more like the USA? I think it IS the new America. Rock on people from the land of Oz with the Paul Hogan accents.

There is something of the cowboy in every one of we Yanks, but a little bit of the sheep station in most of yawl Australians.  Sure we are the Lebron James of modern military, but the Aussies  have  a promising archery team....and a Charlie Sheen can-do-live-forever attitude.

The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost took the last train for the Gold Coast
Martin Sheen has asked me to become his son!


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