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Once Around Without Leaving The Ground  I know both sides because I am both sides: a tourist who doesn't know where I've been; a traveller who doesn't know where he's  going. I haven't been everwhere, but it's on my list.  I thought college was the longest vacation I ever took; but this DIY (Do It Yourself) 'Graduate' School seamester is a kind of study abroad in Nomadic Pursuits.Traveling the globe without leaving the ground (by sea and land) is 10x, to the nth degree better than commercial aviation. Airplanes, like diets,  are wonderful things for other ppl to go on. I'm drinking from the fire hose and having a Smörgåsbord of expereinces. After all,  an adventure is just bad planning--- but a great way to learn about writing. The secret is not to look back.
 Having nothing to do and all day to do it, I took a GR8 bike tour today. I've been to Copenhagen so many times, and this is the first chance I got to see The King’s Garden (Kongens Have) at Rosenborg Castle, Denmark's most popular royal palace.



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