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Helsinki From The Air,

On the flight from Munich, via Lufthansa: Beer drinking meat eating lumberjacks, the non swimmers, were on the left side of the plane.
What ever happened to QWERTY?

Wow this keyboard is off the chain. All these Umluats and schwas ÖÄŤ ^`´¨ Can't seem find the '@' sign or backwards slashes ' /// 'very easily (Human Factors).

Escaping to prison.
My Boloney has a hundred names

The 170 year old jail at Katajanokka is now a Best Western much for Rock Star Wrecking Hotel Room stuff.

The U E.D. The University of Uncle Ed Food Science division gives a thumbs up to the inventive way they use boloney and sausage in breakfast. I had a near death experience, in a Meet Your Meat sort of way.

The dark brown rye oatmeal with farm fresh butter brought me to my senses. The pickled herring was a reminder that I was no longer in Munich.

Twitter Feed: No naked sauna ppl, but I ate my breakfast


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