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There is a fleet of tenders transporting 10,0000+ cruise guests to the island, serving the 5 ships anchored. They will inhabit Grand Cayman  for 6 hours or less... reminds me of  that picturesque floating city, Venice, a city that by day has a bigger tourist population than local residents.

Last year, 1.9 million cruise passengers visited the Cayman Islands bringing in $200m (22% of tourism revenue) while 460,000 overnight tourists brought in $680m (78% of tourism revenue). The ships aren't the only thing parked here. Liquid assets as well.

Where Wall Street Meets Main Street

A trillion+ US dollars are parked here, most of it in trust and hedge funds. Over 19,000 entities doing business here (well-on paper) you know like in Newport Beach, CA Mailbox etc. It's the Delaware of the Caribbean. With a big helping of Hollywood, and The Firm, this place had become a global villain. A sunny place for shady people?  Nah. Just a place with no corporate income tax.

A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together
 in the first place, but if they do, they visit the Cayman Islands.
Some stay..Been coming here for a decade

Helicopters don't fly... they just beat the air into submission.
Last time I was Up in The Air in one of these  was  New Zealand

Ferbuary 2015 Partly cloudy with a chance of Paradise. Great stopover on  our  50 Shades of Blue Tour.Grand Cayman, like The Postman, always delivers.

Got Fish?  Simply Red Snapper look  Awesome.

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