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The need for speed-It's not rocket science...Oh  Wait. It is! Concorde JFK to LHR in 2 Hr 59 min and 59 sec

Winging it today at The Fleet Naval Aviation Arm Museum 

The cost of doing business  for BA with passenger revenues down and maintenance costs high led to the end of an era for commercial traffic.  Still, the pursuit of shattering time and space continues. A predecessor of Concorde, NASA’s X-59 QueSST (short for Quiet SuperSonic Technology), is being built now in the high desert of Palmdale, California, where many OUTSIDE THE BOX aircraft  have been  made and flown in this Lockheed Martin division known as Skunk Works. These projects are done for the sake of radical innovation. WHat could be more radical than designing a plane to fly faster than sound without producing – sonic booms of previous supersonic aircraft.

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