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It is like I am walking through a painting
Going, Going, Gondola Back in 2014 (insert)  and 9/29/16 Where
the Earth STILL  revolves around The Sea 

Venice is  a city built on the water, a working, living city, and everybody gets around in boats. NO CARS!

All the traffic is waterborne- All the emergency services--water ambulance , police boats, fireman; garage collection boats, Fidelity armored cash couriers. All the delivery-boats that deliver goods of every sort; and all the postal service delivering packages and  letters. What a cool place. Put it on your Bucket list.

You don't just visit Venice, you undergo this Picturesque Floating City. 9/29/16.Then it was off to Rome Sweet Rome, and The Vatican.Not many folks realize it, but you can take the stairs to the top of the dome in St Peter's Basilica., which is exactly what I did.But I digress. Back to Venice:

Getting lost in Venice is the only place worth going to. knowing that you have a finite life creates an urgency to the minutes that you live. Had to go to Venice(once) in the Winter! My sole currency from their language “espresso” was already spent. I used it twice.

In Venice, Italy they don't have streets,
 they have canals.Today the water level reached onto the sidewalks-
 and I got some canal cred-

So besides the stunning photos I took of the architecture and the canals, I was really amazed at the fact there were - I took a few shots-
Venice Cash-Courier Boat

Garbage Collection

Police Boat plowing through the grand canal
Water Ambulance Behind Me,Taxi in Front.  
A Simple Delivery Barge, the most common kind on the canals

Emergency Services


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