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Fixed wing flight from Bagram to Kabul

 In 2016, I noted:

From A to Z

What a year it has been: -Annapolis, MD to Livingstone Zambia... 
We missed ONLY one letter Q, hence Qatar, a tiny, oil-rich country wedged between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Time to recite my ABC's again  I am starting 2019 out  with Afghanistan a little recap..

I slept through my first IDF(InDirect Fire)
 but would have hid here to take cover

The C 17 was a beast of a plane. Satdown sideways for 4 hours from Kuwait 

From SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to this. Still working  in the theater.

Took me some time to locate my green bags

El Paso Texas Ft Bliss CRC was fun.

Onboarding in Florida


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