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Geoawesomeness-3DR Aero-M Fixed Wing UAV

The aerial perspective offered by unmanned aerial vehicles is the perfect platform for acquiring highly detailed data for large-scale operations such as farming, construction, and today's project---beach conservation.

Accuracy is the name of the game. It's simple  with GPS, digital cameras and powerful computers. Surveys are within an accuracy down to 1 to 2 cm

These small flying machines have made mapping any area a matter of few minutes or hours, instead of the typical days or weeks it used to take.

Stitch the images together and you generate 3D models. This is Aerial Photogrammetry : Multiple overlapping photos (80 to 90% overlap) of the ground or model are taken as the UAV flies along an autonomous programmed flight path called a waypoint. To overlap photos of an object or land by 80 to 90% would be impossible to complete accurately by pilot navigation.


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