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Along the famous college backs, you find one of the most beautiful views on the river Cam. I feast my eyes on this learning environment like some privileged old soul, under the protection of King Henry III ,with  honorary enrollment  under the tuition of a recognised master, allowed  to remain in the town for as long as need-be to have that recognition, that "Ah huh or "eureka" monent.  Ok I found it. Here it is:

I am reminded of how unnecessarily obsessed we are with testing and the record of achievement. The problem is that our educational system trains students to be "A" students—academics—or "B" students—bureaucrats working for the government. Our schools do not train our young people to be "C" students: capitalists or entrepeneurs.

Steve Jobs ( A college drop out, like Bill Gates) definition of grades "Money is life's report card" . He beat them all by studying things nobody ever did-like the caligraphy class Jobs took that inspired Mac Typeface.

The fact  is that A students work for B and C Students, and the building are dedicated and endowed by D students.  Nobody ever made history by following the rules.

If you read well, memorize well and test well... and not tbe one of those hippie creative thinkers, visionaries and dreamers –entrepreneurs-in-the-making, well, you know where this is going. "A's" are really E's"" Good Employees.  The sales pitch from the schools is: "You must finish school." "You must have a college degree." "If you do not finish school, you will not be successful in your career." 

Career comes from the 16th-century word for “road.”, a clear cut path with a final destination. Not only isnt this fin  it is not available these is more about gamifying the process and leveling up.

I meat/meet:therefore I am

The following are 50 people who did not finish school, but that didn’t let that stop them. They made it to the top. 1. George Washington President of the United States 2. Abraham Lincoln President of the United States 3. Harry Truman President of the United States 4. Grover Cleveland President of the United States 5. Zachary Taylor President of the United States 6. Andrew Johnson President of the United States 7. John Glenn Astronaut, U.S. Senator 8. Barry Goldwater U.S. Senator 9. Benjamin Franklin U.S. Ambassador 10. Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England 11. John Major Prime Minister of England 12. Robert Frost Poet 13. Florence Nightingale Nurse 14. Buckminster Fuller Futurist and Inventor 15. George Eastman Founder of Eastman Kodak 16. Ray Kroc Founder of McDonald’s 17. Dave Thomas Founder of Wendy’s 18. Ralph Lauren Fashion designer and Entrepreneur 19. Doris Lessing Nobel Prize recipient in Literature 20. George Bernard Shaw Playwright 21. Peter Jennings News anchor for ABC 22. Christopher Columbus Explorer 23. TD Jakes Pastor 24. Joel Osteen Pastor 25. John D. Rockefeller Founder of Standard Oil 26. Karl Rove Presidential advisor 27. Ted Turner Founder of CNN 28. Quentin Tarantino Movie director 29. Peter Jackson Movie director (Lord of the Rings) 30. Mark Twain Author 31. Leon Uris Author 32. Carl Bernstein Washington Post reporter 33. Carly Fiorina CEO of Hewlett Packard 34. Charles Dickens Author 35. Andrew Carnegie Industrialist 36. William Faulkner Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner 37. Li Ka Shing Wealthiest man in Asia 38. Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records 39. Enzo Ferrari Founder of Ferrari 40. Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company 41. J. Paul Getty Founder of Getty Oil 42. Jack London Author 43. Larry Ellison Founder of Oracle 44. Tom Anderson Founder of My Space 45. Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook 46. Steve Jobs Founder of Apple 47. Steve Wozniak Founder of Apple 48. Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft 49. Paul Allen Founder of Microsoft 50. Ringo Starr Beatle


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