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Iceland Is Green. Greenland Is Ice

The Vikings sent word back to Norway that their island was actually an ice-land, but that another island — more distant, larger and indeed covered by ice — was inhabitable green-land.
It won't rain today... but it might snow

Part Hawaii and part Alaska, the landscape is an amalgam of both: lava rocks and the black sandy beaches of Kona, the bedrock and glacier waters of Juneau and the annual rainfall and percipitation of Ketchikan.

The Vikings were fierce people to venture out into these lands. We may never know exactly why they sailed here but we know how they did it. The had help in the form of a stone known as The Viking Compass.When Leif Eriksson ventured far out into the Atlantic, away from any coastline that could help them determine their position, they had a secret gem weapon: the Ocean Sapphire, aka, Iolite. The Viking Mariners used thin pieces of it as the world's first polarized sun glasses! Crystal Magic Power. As long as the sun was visable, latitude could be determined, but in bad weather, these Norse Navigators looked through an iolite lens. So, with the sun hidden by clouds, they were STILL able to determine the exact position of the sun, and navigate their way safely to the New World known as Iceland...and beyond


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