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The  beaches of Mauritius-Africa
Write? Right! Blogging is literature in a hurry.
Tourists   generally, don't see a country as it is, they  see them as theirs is.This requires expending tremendous amounts of energy to have so called “normal” experiences on vacations; where taking a safari is actually seeing all the caged stuffed animals in the zoo.
Travelers have occurrences, while abroad. They cannot be created,  they  undergo them.  They are somatic and   visceral and in-your-face. Too bad my videos don’t include SMELL-avision. The stench to my olfactory is awesome! without imitation, without precedent.  For these occurrences   to become an adventure,   however, it is necessary to recount them later at a cocktail party or blogging about them.
Should I kill myself, or have a cup of  Starbucks coffee?
When I travel these unusual places of poverty and despair,  I  must open  myself to the gentle indifference of these  worlds, Remaining happy  means I  must not be too concerned with others. My world expands or contracts according to how much heart or courage  I possess while  being a traveler. Courage is a love affair with the unknown-The courage to be is  the courage to leave things alone as they are. It has been said that hell is other ppl (people) but I am a "people" person ,and I love people- and you have to learn to leave alone the things you love.

Freedom after all, comes from what you to do to what has been done to you. TCN’s (Third Country Nationals)  don’t wait for Judgment Day- It comes everyday. Their  very existence of  is an act of rebellion.
There is not one big cosmic meaning one size fits for all. There is only the meaning we each give to our own  idiosyncratic drama, an  idiosyncratic meaning, an idiosyncratic plot, like an idiosyncratic movie, a screenplay   for each person.
Life is like a movie- You have to decide what movie you want to be in. 


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