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Missed The Boat But Ill go down with the ship
I'm having  a “STAR moment” ---Something To Always Remember, as I am by the ocean, with the Disney Dream over my shoulder. I've got stories about the sea, and cruising, and traveling; part of the creative struggle to generate a new future and energy necessary for change.

Storytelling is my native language. I'm wired for them. They shatter time and space and jump over technology, taking me to authentic experience(s) that evoke stored information(learning) in a patterned way (living).

Like a shaman or an illusionist, the story of my life and the life of my story have merged-from the one I imagined populated with imaginary adventures and people to the one I am actually living- Art does imitate life. The facts of (my) life have become personalized and humanized and the reward for experience, has become not wisdom but joy.

The Holy Grail of my storytelling is when someone else tells my stories to others, because it is hard to hate anyone whose story you know. Stories are the bed rock of empathy.

My template for my blog posts have always been 4 parts:
Once Upon A Time.
Happily Ever After.

Tell the truth. The only way of doing that is having life experiences and being a storyteller


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