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Sunshine State, Empire State, Aloha State-Wimps compared to New Hampshire's Motto: Live Free or Die.

It was named after England. So it was the 'New' England. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The Bigger the Summer Vacation, the harder The Fall

The last time I was on the East Coast,  was April 2010, onboard  the Costa Atlantica, on our way  across the Atlantic. We  hugged the shoreline up to Quebec City and then over to (Old) England. In New England, we stopped  in Norfolk, VA,The birthplace of Naval History; Washington. D.C.; Newport, RI;  Boston MA and Bar Harbor Maine. 
Pahk the Kah In Harvard Yard

This is the first time I have been on land in New Hampshire. Looking forward to seeing some amazing natural beauty. 


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