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2011 (Hawaii)

In One yEAR and Out The Other 

Because my future looks so bright, Ship Life is a series of Sunglasses, here is Curacao.The sum of my problems here is the inability to sit quietly alone on a beach! It is easy to mistake motion for progress and no problem is so big and complicated that it cannot be run away from. I know what to do-swim with my friends the dolphins. 
Nothing Is The Hardest Thing To Do.

Curacao Now
So why, when all has been achieved, the ambrosia has been drunk, and we have conversed with the gods, why come back to normal life with all its cares and woes?.Joseph Campbell, refers to this, in The Power of Myth. 

The Hero's Journey of personal development-Life's great adventure of growth,learning and discovery -Departure,  Initiation and now Returning-- As I go beyond following my bliss, there's nothing left to "see" in these islands. Instead, there is a some one else to be.


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