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Shaken- You can't  win an earthquake.   but you can get odd or even

We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.We learn geography if we happen to be cruising in the same hemisphere (but 3000 miles away) in Bali Indonesia where I am right this instant. GR8 internet connection  by the way.

I remember the 1994 Northridge Quake in California on my way back from Japan- So when I heard just now  the news that Japan's 8.9 Earthquake- Ouch. I feel for my Nihon Jin Tomodachis(Japanese Friends).  I remember my worst earthquake experience...

 I certainly was one of the last American's to go into
 Christchurch's Cathedral before it shattered this  Kiwi Architectural Landmark

Lonely Planet Earth, the very status symbol  of all that is solid, had moved beneath your  feet like THAT, one second of time conveys to your mind a strange idea of insecurity, which hours of ZEN reflection ---Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass (Be Here Now) never have created. It's a great equalizer-democracy in action-an equal opportunity offender...and I say to myself I am going to survive even if it kills me. Honestly, You can't  win an earthquake.   but you can get odd or even by  living well -So check into Hotel @nyware, rooms are still available.

Eat.Pray. Tsunami.

Missed the Christchurch Quake by 500 miles, The Japan one  by 3000, I'm thinking The Big One-in California is next and I am 8000 miles away! Screw Disneyland, I'm going to Singapore.

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