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How to predict weather in Seattle: If you can see Mt Ranier,
 it's going to rain. If not , it already is.
Aloha to No rain. No rainbows ...Passing  through the Pacific Northwest. People don't age,  they rust.

After Monday and Tuesday, all that's left in Seattle is W T F, eh?

August 17th, I wrote:

Come as you are

It's all sunshine and khaki dress down Wednesday in the rainy city.This little strip of land  really was the epicenter for the anti-hair bands of the 1980's era. I feel nostalgic about the road rules of dirty+beautiful =Grunge.Opting out, not caring about your clothes, the kind of car you drive.Guy-linered Curt Cobain said it best " I'd rather be h8d for who I am than loved for who I am not.

35th floor of Hotel  Sheraton

Seahawks Suck.Go Rams
 Treehugger-fruit-juiced-sandal wearing veganish Santa Monica Promenade's  Farmer's Market is the Mini Me of Pike's Place  Market - Pikes The gentrified Dr Evil of fresh produce and fishmongers throwing around King Salmon and Crab are whirling dervishes who leave you as confused as a bunch of blind lesbians.

Blueberry Fields Forever at Hotel @nyware

No, let's take that back, You've got the sun, the moon and The Rolling Stones-Pikes Place Market is the Keith Richards of Farmer's Markets- It's over fifty years old and still going strong  despite the usual wear and tear and years of decadence.


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