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The ship has already sailed
An Art(ist) Director cannot fail because to be one is a success.

I  have all the airs and graces of an investor whose ceiling has become the floor. The Warhol's and Chagall's are marketed reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale.  I worship the quicksand they walk on because I am not hung up on nostalgia, but just for now, I will pretend today is yesterday and just go out and have one hell of a time, believing, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy art which is kinda the same thing.

The rich(er) galleries are different from yours and mine because they have more credit. And credit is is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five.

New York, however, without serious money is an opinion. My opinion rolls up its sleeves and spits in the street. and swears. If  I attack the SoHo  establishment long enough and hard enough, they will make me a member of it, right?


Selling art is easy when you don't know what you are doing and hard when you do! Beginners luck, after all, is merely freedom from preconceptions.


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