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Das Boot

 The power of (my) intention to have a good time is the lyrics for the Beatle's song---Yellow Submarine "Embracing the life forced upon me" to stay in hotel rooms and live under pressure = Submarine. Because I have been  having a great time it is  Yellow (friends are all aboard). Sea of green = money.

Time to surface----I need a vacation from this permenent  vacation. Hell is other people, and you usually find them on the buffet line of a Carnival Fun ship.(Their favorite food is Seconds). The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Wall-Mart of the cruise industry, pay less and have more fun,  isn't so funny anymore. Freedom is what you do to  what has been done to you- I quit.

So we sailed on to the sun / Till we found a sea of green / And we lived beneath the waves / In our yellow submarine ...


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