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Football Atheists A Pain in the English

It´s Tourist season in Mazatlan,  The locals are  fishing, waiting to catch the big one.Yet, most everyone has a hunting license-eating what they kill, living on the small ones.

Everybody  is busy vending something, from Mexican gummy bears to lead-painted-made-in -china dry wall pet food-very entrepreneurial. Too bad they don´t sell NFL stuff....even the knock-offs.These Jesus' are the Derek Jeters Of Christianity--They are good at what they do, but they only believe in God and Soccer!

Still no one can quite compare to Bob Marley´s beloved Jamaica, those Ocho Rios In-your-face shake down crews are the A-Rods of snake oil salesmen. They kick the entire black market weeler dealer vibe up a notch. They are the LeBron James of  ¨What do you want. What do you need¨.
Here is the Catedral de la Inmaculada ConcepciĆ³n. I can´t help thinking of American football, and the USA version, the Church of Franco, er, I mean, Catedral de la Inmaculada RecepciĆ³n- a Statue in Pittsburgh Airport dedicated to Franco Harris. He was  the Burt Reynolds of   defensive linemen, and had the mustache and  male pattern madness bald spots to prove it.
His Immaculate reception  is the nickname given to one of the most famous plays in the history of American football. It occurred in the AFC divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Let It Be Mother Mary Comes To Me
Then there´s Hail Flutie,a college football game that took place between the Boston College Eagles and the University of Miami Hurricanes in1984.It is one of the most memorable moments in sports.

Show Me The Movie @PV

So basically for $4 US Dollars I can see Eat Pray And Love at the Puerto Vallarta Mall. You know, the Hugh Heffner of Divoce Porn, Elizabeth Gilbert´s story of a milf´s yearlong 'search for everything' Or I could re-read Eat Pray and Reif , a year-long search to go everwhere, written by the Rosa Parks of DILFS, Ed Reif.


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