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Regular Warnemünde vs Extra Crispy Copenhagen

Voted as one of the ten English words that were hardest to translate-Serindipity, I call it good luck.

I am  big fan of the extraordinary role that luck plays in all our lives-big luck,small luck, good luck. Luck is an art.  We are like  fish, the last ones to know we are in the water,and  most of the time we swim right past luck , and we're looking in any direction but where luck is.  We all get those moments, however, where we know  how to look in the right direction

Despite an itinerary, it is hard to think about the linear calander and plan. Anyone who knows about their own past, knows the pattern has been lucky. The key in life is not knowing where you are going, but to prepare your character for those wonderous moments of serindipity; and when they occur, you can listen to your heart and know what it is you need to do.


I am no Indiana Jones, but North America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East-Been there.Done That. I can joke about it-The weather is here, wish you were beautiful etc...but  these other cultures are not failed attempts to be American; they are unique manifestations of the spirit—other options, other visions of life itself. It’s often a series of glimpses of what Ken Wilber calls,One Taste –Tomorrow, Denmark.

"Just as in the great ocean there is but one taste — the taste of salt, so in this Doctrine and Discipline there is but one taste— the taste of freedom." - The Buddha


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