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Mc Donalds Is Hiring At Gitmo!

Out of work and willing to relocate, McDonalds is looking for shift managers at GITMO! to flip hamburgers.

Ronald sez, "The McDonald's franchise at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba is looking for an assistant manager. The ideal candidate will have previous restaurant management experience, a valid U.S. passport and a willingness to relocate to Cuba.

As I sail by the Northwest point of Cuba, Ed sez "Give me the ball. Put me in Coach!"

I have always dreamed of that perfect place in the sun, working for one of the world's largest companies on the planet and enjoying tax -free income.

Camp X Ray sounds awesome! hanging out with Jihad Joes and Generation Terrorists. Six degrees from Mohamad Atta. Yes even the 215 detainees, can make take-out orders for Big Macs and Happy Meals!

I guess those days of nation building, taking all the angry PPL from Iran and Iraq, and giving them their own country-Irate, are over. The Cuba Express Card-Don't leave home.

Marlboro Man---is an American Beauty---Look Closer. Cowboy French Fries! from the most powerful---and in some quarters, most hated----brand image of the century.

And the winner of the Phillip Morris Throat Kazoo, in a smokeless tobacco catagory goes to this Angioplasty---Come to McDonald Country.SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: The smeel of McDonald french fries causes everyone around you to run away and join the circus, yearn to play the bagpipes or start busting it out in an interesting Christian rock band Scott Stipe sort of way.

In the United States of Unconscious eating, The Standard American Diet acronym is S.A.D. --This your brain on french fries! Depressing, huh? I thought Chairman ObaMao outlawed torture!


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