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Tune In. Turn On. Drop Out.

Greetings from The User Friendly Universe of Amsterdam. Mapquest is OUT. Cosmic Cartography is IN.

I'm testing/ tracking / false positive for "hanging loose" in the present tense. as I perform a life hack on my comfort zones and live in Hotel @ nyware--- I started drinking beer again, after a 15 year break (wow). It started with Guinness, in Dublin. I lowered my standards with Holland's brew.
Dreaming with eyes wide open, As I twitter, pulp-free on my G1 Goggle phone, My buddy Mike and I stopped off for an authentic Amstel, second only to Heineken.
If Amsterdam INC. is a business, it isn't Wal-Mart — it isn't trying to be the lowest-priced product in the market. It's a high-end product, maybe even a luxury product. Playing down and out in the Majik kingdom gets you short-listed for a double helping of cool, but don't expect a family friendly Dutch discount.
There's chill and creativity everywhere you turn; a whole mellow-frigging world out there, clarified and codified and grounded in inner slacker and range free-lactose intolerance.
You feel the the black market wheeler deal vibe here . It's a language that rolls up its sleeves, and speaks a slang that spits in the street and says, “I want something new everyday.” and “I want to be surprised”.

Free boarding Passes for the GGG, "Good, Giving, and Game," Sex and Drugs and Amsterdam

Growing old isn't optional, growing up is in the Netherlands is. The science of being mellow for free costs a lot. It's a full-time occupation. Burn rates in Amsterdam vary, but one thing for sure: In Holland it is as reliable and predictable as an episode of Seinfeld; the canals, the drugs and the whores.

Old Dog. New Tricks. Reminds me of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok,Thailand, and The North Shore of Hawaii

The Greenhouse Effect is in full splendor--as the Cannabis Coffee houses reek of Marijuana. Trustafarians, all locked up, squander their allowances. Harry Pothead locals act like ski bums who don't have to wash dishes or watch CNN - All are not making some amazing sacrifice just because they have two gears—let’s party and let’s get laid. Avoiding the boredom of excess is no miraculous feat.
It's Reefer Madness. Add a little retail sex, aka, Windows 2009, the Red Light District, and your Euros go up to Money Heaven if you cast a vote for Team Estrogen.
Even though there's nothing really ethical about the work ethic, Sex and Drugs is entrepreneurial, and Adam Smith would be proud of One Market Under God.

Cyclists are everywhere--and you are more likely to get hit by one than a car as everybody has a bicycle.


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