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Fire Training was the most fun

That hose nearly catapulted me back 1000 feet

Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. 
Some get greatness as a graduation gift.

We all got our SCTW Certifications and USCG Merchant Mariner Documents in June 2007, so we can work on Ships. NCLA was an all-American crew, flagged here in the USA, and "The Jones Act" of 1812 says that  NCLA has to hire Americans. I did a short contract(8 weeks!) as a  Head Waiter, but this ship life as a waiter is Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Midnight Snack. No time off and any time off, I just slept.

 In August I took a leap of faith(actually jumped ship in Maui)/ One good thing about Hawaii is that is still America-The money is the same, my t mobile phone works andI can hustle and find a job---which I did-- and started working as a Sub and plus, as an added bonus, have been a working Actor  on the set of LOST as a body double and stand in. I have a SAG Union card from 1999, so that helps  to get paid scale.


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