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Limehouse Marina is an oasis of calm cloistered in the midst of  London.

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The Dude Abides

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Black Is The New Red

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Every time I walk into this port town, HMS Warrior- the first armor-plated, iron-hulled warship(1859) is right in the harbor standing tall and proud, a constant reminder of the age of naval dominance and the legacy  of  empire and seapower.  It  is in the misty salt water air too.


HMS Victory, Admiral Horatio Nelson's  namesake ship docked at
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard-the Royal Navy's most famous warship,  hard to believe that you can fit 800 sailors on deck.

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Photos are real, Paintings are art- This is a painting..

 Photos are real, Paintings are art- This is a painting.Formed almost 100 million years ago out of the crushed shells of tiny single-celled algae, The White Cliffs stand watch over the Channel, a symbol of this country's defiant spirit

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The White Cliffs -Cinematic

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Victoria Plum Harvest

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 Location. Location. Isolation.

Try your close-to-home outdoor spaces

Mother Nature is not an amenity—it’s a necessity. There is certainly enough of green spaces, thanks to the generous amounts of rainfall we get. Father (Clock) Time has been usurped by Pandemic Event Time-we can't change the content and stroryline but we can 'gamify our relationship to it and step away and OUTSIDE our worries.  

To be uncertain about these times is uncomfortable, to be certain, ridiculous.

Embrace the uncertainty. Be intentional about the distress.Hang out with it.  Don't let the times hijack your brain. After all, you cannot argue with the present. That's the miracle- a shift in thinking. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. What we resist persists, and wasting cognitive energy on this pandemic is, well, a waste. Covid anxiety hooks you by picking a topic that is personal to us but now universal. That’s how it creates doubt and resistance in us

What is deeply personal is universal

In other words, we're going to move toward that which we fear with a sense of zeal.

Driving over Flying

Driving allows the possibility of better understanding the country — its geography, its culture — and historically it has helped us understand what it means to be an American.

I flew on Airplanes May-July. Instead of being in the terrified default state of pandemic ennui, gamifyed it and it brought excitement and desire- I'm getting on that plane, I'm seeking out that state that I'm been afraid of. Listening to my executive voice that says, "I can handle this. Let's go toward this." Luckily there were less than 20 people on these planes!

I took a cross country trip to Jackson Hole, WY in June-WY Not? I went to Las Vegas July-Stayed Positive Tested Negative... Went to London in August Now, when will be the next time I will feel comfortable with 20,000 other fans at a sports event or concert, I'll get back to you on that one.

Don't just do something, sit there. or in our case, take a walk and bike ride.

Biking along the strand today gains new momentum and significance as the best socially distanced recreational opportunity might be our own neighborhood. 

This is an aTypical English Summer with closures and The Show must go ONline. Nevertheless, we put our mobile phones down, get outside and benefit from the sunshine, and fresher air. We choose this.

"Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” Eckhart Tolle

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Summer is a beautiful week in 🇬🇧

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Chute For The Sky

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Covid 19 And The Stiff Upper Lip
Back in The U.K. after a visit to Ireland.

 Not talking about The Pandemic is like denying gravity exists. That ostrich approach of sticking our collective  head in the sand will not delay or deny the medical catastrophe, the logistics nightmare and the financial Armageddon that each of us experience in our own idiosyncratic ways.

Call it malignant optimism, but the shared hallucination that  it is "just the flu" is junk science. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger but make no mistake  about it:This virus can kill. It doesn't have a brain, but we do.

Careers are on hold, people are in limbo, and there are only two ways this epidemic will end: Medically, probably never. Socially, whenever we personally decide to take risks.

Knowledge on these two fronts is always going to be provisional and incomplete. As we tire of the Panic Mode, socially, we want to get on with our lives, and with the right simple precautions, we can  do it. While we wait for the medical end to the Global pandemic it is worth noting the immense progress on the biomedical front that has been achieved  in England, in this regard, as UK  labs have  some of the best life-saving medicine to combat Covid as well as  the best candidate vaccine.

The Czech Is In The Mail  Stimulus Check?  No. Wear a  mask? Yes

Until then, it is social distancing, hand washing and masks. Not being a mask-loving people, The English  embraced the mask  early on, as it proved to be one of  the more effective public-health responses to this epidemic. My colleague  Mike  Jones in The Czech Republic likewise had this best practice and trailblazing rule in March, and one of the strictest enforcement codes, that is now a symbolic landmark in the fight  against The Pandemic. Consequently, there are  virtually zero rates of infection in Czechia. Last week, citizens  had a Covid Farewell party in Prague as outdoors was IN and they scrapped the masks entirely as the country returned to  almost normal  as phased easing of restrictions were in place. In this case, taking the necessary precautions didn't kill them, it made them come out stronger in the long run.

We remain hopeful as the human desire to socialize will survive the pandemic.  We have only to look at the past to see our future.

 Think of The Roaring 20's after the Spanish Flu. Once this is behind us, prepare to Party Like It's B.C. Before Covid 1999.

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In Search of Lost Time, also translated as Remembrance of Things Past--- Pre Historic Pandemic England..Lets go back in The Time Machine...

Circa February 2020...B.C. Before Covid
Tower Bridge-Can't Be ThameD

At 215 miles (346 km), The River Thames is the longest river entirely in England .

Where there is a Will, there is a play-Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Notes from the underground Victoria Station 

A slice of history -"Execution is everything "
@The Tower of London

They call it Planet Earth but it's mostly covered in blue ocean. The United Kingdom is an island nation. I came by sea, by chance. I stay on land, by choice... Worth Seaing:

Circa 2015...

The English Riviera-Cornwall-More Saints Here Than In Heaven

Portland,UK ROCKS

Portsmouth, UK- Riding a Zodiac  and  Chasing an AC45 Sail Boat


Dublin-Guiness Pilgrims

Once Around Without Leaving The Ground- A Decade Of The U.K. Here are the trip report links:

July means Sailing to Norway, but not in 2020....Let's remember:

Driving On The Arctic Highway- Midsummer

Ready,Set, North Cape-Arctic Circle

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