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The new wor(l)d order mantra is : I consume(click), therefore I am---creating . I search on the Google, I am finding stuff for me and add to the wisdom of the crowd that makes Google a better searcher who follows me.

There is wise and there is other wise: Who Owns The Smart Mob, the wisdom of this crowd? We do.

Whenever we pay attention to something (or ignore something), data is created–this “attention data” is a potentially valuable resource.

The aDictionary's law of net economics says:The word own used to mean control and now control means sharing--We have the "right" to own, manage, and exchange our data. When we share aspects of our click stream , social bookmarks, browsing history, we should get paid. Enough about spinning the wheels of justice.

Who wants to be a (millionaire) content provider for youtube?

I know I might sound like a thing from another tax bracket, a proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy but-People who create videos, should get paid for their work.

In a classic use of the strength of weak ties, Youtube agrees. The Geekfather is making us an offer we can't refuse--When we upload our r own (copyrighted) films to the site will get a share of the ad revenue.

Egonomics at the Youniversity. The old becomes the new---getting paid for your creations: no more R&D, ripoff and duplication. What a concept. 20th Century Fox has issued YouTube with a subpoena after episodes of The Simpsons and 24 appeared on its site. Maybe Youtube woke up and smelled the opportunity with the preemptive olive branch.

Youtube is a YASN, Yet another social network model. It's bulk processing of contacts and information flow. Yet it s requires a higher level of "investment" from users. The power of NOW has been usurped by the power of NEW. Youtube would like us to remain an all volunteer army, but now that information about the feedback loop is coming in, and it is know that our MySpace pages and youtube videos are being monetized to the advantage of someone other than us--Youtube has reinstituted the draft. Revenue sharing WILL reward creativity, ever so slightly. You'll get paid in some kind of wompum, bandwidth or fame, but fortune, doubtful.

Salespeople social capital are their Rolodex It’s a personal value that they lease to a company during the period of employment. If a one hit wonder on youtube gets play, it should be exponentially rewarded with a piece of the Google ADSense for instance. You are "leasing" your content to the Youniverse based on the numbers.

The system is brilliant: because it underpays for failure,and overpays for success, like the payout on infomericals. Sure, there's no frontloading, no upfront money. Create and publish first, and let your "work" be judged by your peers.Its Open Source Marketing.

This is more like a party than a battlefield and brands are struggling to get an invite.

Here are some life sentences for the prisoners of Madison Avenue---17 co-creation(s) to get you started.

"Be willing to acknowledge and value what I have to say"

“Don’t show me an ad and ask me to admire it, make me an offer and ask me to do something.”

“Let me know what you want me to do. And how. And why.”

“The best way to get my attention is by giving me a platform.”

“What thing—however small—can you do to improve my life?

“If it seems easy and fun, I'll ask someone else to play."

"Errr, did you really think that would impress anyone here?"

“If I'm going to be involved—you need to be involved.”

"If you think I am a little bit too interested in your product, then maybe you should try listening more carefully."

“It doesn't matter what you say if I don't like the way you are saying it."

“If this relationship is going to last, it probably needs to be low maintenance.”

"Show me more and I'll trust you more."

"Tell me something I don't know and make me feel special."

"Show me you've listened"

“This time, it’s personal.”

"Let's just see where we go..."

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Google will be the iTunes of Books. Drink The Kool-Aid---Books, the liquid Version.

May the source be with you(th).The invitational medium of the web, where talent control the experience and makes capital dance, we have been invited to the
Google Ball. Who needs an MLS or a library card. We want google to unshelf the book and be our librarian!

This is Google's Come As You Are karaoke American Idol contest --- that will turn the grunge of pulp (free) fiction/ nonfriction business of digital books, into the mainstream.This is really not about scanning the copy. The copy loses its value. Books are like music in this sense--ephemeral. It is widely viewed as entertainment.Now the value chain is more about relationships, links, connection and sharing that are shifting the value proposition.

The iPod has done it with music, Flickr has done it with photos, MySpace has done it with bands. Google WILL do it for books. Forced obsolescence of content - the need to repurchase it over and over again is over.

Project Gutenberg trusted third party has a library of over 20, 000 free ebooks whose "copyright" has expired in the USA. Nobody came because it it obeyed the law of decreasing returns. Copywrong.

The Judge Judy and Executioner are still out on Sony and Amazon. or Is it about owning objects or access? Is it a pay-per-view or a rental?

Sony recently introduced its "Party Of One" (BOOK reading appliance)Reader--or as Hotel @nyware likes to call it,books in drag, with its (r)EVOlutionary paper-like display; digital book service with 10,000 titles.It looks destined for the canned "out of office auto reply" bin and left to wither if it remains a stand alone. Doing the exactly right next thing is a better bet than doing the same thing twice.The desktop has already been invented.

Amazon is also planning an e-book service. Ready to put us to sleep with their version of Project Z (Z is for Libraries-In LC classification). Yet, it could gain traction with long tail content as price moves towards the "free". Amazon's best move is to anticipate this cheapness.To maximise redership of that magical place of low-to-no sales where most of the books in the world live; digital interlinking will maximise the fringes of the esoteric and niche non-best sellers.

Google's digital library project is rolling out one way or the other. It is Monster's Ball, the adventures of Conan the Librarian-- Literature without books, pulp(free)fiction. It obeys the law of increasing returns. Scanning the libraries of libraries. There are no illegitimate kids only illegitimate parents. Google has a moral imperative to rescue 75% of the orphaned out-of-print books out there, and scan them because:

Attention Economy 1 01: When information is plentiful, peers take over the network, and the network is a possibility factory. The more plentiful
e books become, the more valuable they become.

The University of Texas is on board. The Google Books Library Project digitizes books from major libraries around the world and makes their collections searchable on Google Book Search is the instant replay of TV Sports. Dubbed The Google 5,the University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and the New York Public Library also signed on with the Google project, which expects to scan 15 million books from the libraries.

Ed Reif's Trend2007 says "This move will give the wrecking ball to the dead information world of "Books" and the re-birth of e-books; and have a deep impact on the publishing industry and book retailers." Back off! Or Goggle'll cross-reference the heck outta you. The real magic is when as each word in each book is cross-linked, clustered, cited, extracted, indexed, analyzed, annotated, remixed, reassembled and woven deeper into our world. Every page reads all the other pages.

The Proletarian Librarian, goes to work, does his job and goes home. The days of just smiling and nod are over. Welcome to Infinite Smile----the creative chaos and destruction of The Capitalist Librarian. After all, a good book, opened with expectation, should be closed with profit.

Ready Fire. Aim .Google won't be asking permission, only forgiveness. Knowledge is not the answer, it is knowing where to find the answers. The quest is in the questions. We have the questions and Google has the answers. Where does information go to die--With google. Nothing gets "deselected". (copyright)Laws die, Books never.

Google says it wants to organize the world's information. Go ahead, make our day. I am one of 380million people using the 800lb gorrila--- Google each month. Give us a no manual easy to use way to do this and we'll all be Part of the planet of the apes.Universities, libraries, academics, and librarians failed in their mission.

It can happen---On a recent trip to Tokyo, on the Ginza Line subway, I saw commuters reading entire novels on their mobile phones.
I recently wrote about Audiobooks going cellular. I want to be able to download a book to my blackberry, my cellphone and even my ipod.

I spent some time over in Jeddah, I witnessed the ongoing airlifting of the entire 20th century infrastructure onto Saudi Arabia's sandy soil and wiring it up – from roads, to power, to communication, schools, housing, and utilities.

The virtues of a free digital livelihood without having to suffer for it in the industrial world economy are part of the
One Laptop initative. It is an education project not an laptop project; a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. Lets seed the less developing world with easily available texts through the Google initiative. LDC's leapfrogged the POTS, plain old terrestrial telephone wires and went straight to carrying around Cell phones. They might as well skip Guttenberg, the printing press and books. The idea that software should be free, “like air,” seemed nuts, but then came open source, and propriety IBM, was one of the biggest supporters of Apache and Linux, and built a new business around it.

I see a world of virtual bookshelves like ITunes play lists....I see a world mashing up, Think Craigslist Real Estate meets Google Maps; a new culture of interaction and participation. Everything that's been written about can be brought up in real time on a screen.

Scan This book! is the imperative---so we can have total recall, make it our own, edit it, cut and paste it, mark it up , transfer and engage it. The scan becomes the marketing tool for these je ne se quas.

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ngs from Caffine Central,
Bean and Nothingness: Starbucks, America's favorite drug dealer, serving up, what we Italians call, "Dirty Water".add to Digg

Too Little Too Latte?

My Drug Dealer is now pushing movies, music and more, it's better than e harmony or, better than a singles bar or health club, it's the new local "pickup joint". Find out where you can hook up, drinking OK coffee (and standing in line to buy it) at the new GoogleMaps/Starbucks MashUp.

Pimp My Google- It's their world We just live in it and, serve in it. (Hotel @Nyware has become a word slut with hosted AdSense).
My drug dealer and my pimp, the one two punch that Makes My Day, the in to my sane. You complete me.

I really enjoy being inside a Starbucks; drinking from that paper coffee cup, sitting it in my car's cup holder to remind me of where I was, that shows "I voted" for Starbucks again. It's not about the coffee; it's about the lifestyle. Yea , I heard 7/11 and (DuDO's) Dunkin Donuts Coffee is cheaper, but it's not about the price---"Why pay less?" is my attitude. I don't buy coffee. I drink it. I love sitting in one of their epiphany chairs to self-reflect, write Hotel @nyware , or give in to a mood swing here or there.

Starbucks is a lot like Google. Starbucks is a network. And networks exist to bring people together... and to sell them stuff. No concept is too big and there can never be too many "hooks" into an (end) users life.

There is zero switiching cost involved in me "using" (Seattle's Best)Yahoo or (Pete's) Vivisimo or (Coffee Bean)MSN, but I don't care.Google has StartingPoint Power.It bestows alpha geek status on me, and, more than that, I believed in google before it believed in me. There was no start page on the internet, and I made Google mine.

Now, it is the industry standard, the default start page for everyone- It turns out that owning the starting point on the Internet is really, really valuable; and starting ones day out at Starbucks is too.

Google is my magnifying glass. Something good on Google looks great to me. Just like Starbucks, it's about the lifestyle , the value is on the search, not the content.

Google is not Starbucks competition, Google is its environment. Starbucks is not competitors with Google, They are partners. Starbucks has an interest in driving Google's success. Heck we all are partners with Google. We all have an interest in Google succeeding.

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originally uploaded by Ed Reif.
Hotel@nyware- A Business class ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo after takeoff

The old wor(l)d order of PUSH verses the New wor(l)d order of PULL, rolling the DICE verses Inviting CHOICE

Got Balls?

People DON'T wait and receive content at a scheduled time and place;People pull content when they want it. People DON'T use the end product:People are actively involved in creating the product. Business is NOT a managed program; Business is a flexible platform, The organisation DOESN'T provides everything: the organisation provides the starter pack. Organisations DON'T own their resources:Organisations mobilize resources. Friction is NOT inefficient and should not be eliminated: Friction is productive and should be encouraged.Hierarchies DON'T maintain order:Hierarchies stifle growth.
DON'T Aim for perfection: Aim for good enough. DON'T Design and lead a successful business:Treat your organisation as an unfinished prototype
DON'T Assume people are primarily motivated by money: Realise everyone's deepest desire is to be appreciated.

"Balls" the queen said, "If I had them I'd be king"--Hollywood Needs To Grow A Set.

Got CLients? Thinking Outside The Box _Office

The Academy award-winning short film of this year will probably be watched by a few thousand, while a YouTube clip shot on a camera phone might be watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers.

Obsolescence was is in full bloom-- Caught in the headlights, Queens For A Day, the Ad Guys -First, The Golden Globes, Next,the Academy Awards---Hollywood- land is dancing the bovine jig of Got Milk, the utter delight of keeping the con in conversation--- Living in an ‘80s time warp, the mile high-sausage fest--- Uber Mensch hug downs--back slapping-broke back club, is happy to talk their own talk, walk their known walk, to their own "A List" group and giving each other awards again. They think (their)content is king, well the king is dead.Long live the king. It's not throwing as much Sh_t against the wall and seeing what sticks*supply driven* it's demand driven---It's Social, everything that is written, everything that is spoken and everything that is shown about that "content providers" have no control over.

Hay guys it's official, transparency is now the universal PR euphemism for honesty, denial just ain't a river in Vegas. Operation "Screw The Public"the light at the end of the tunnel is being cancelled due to budget cuts. "Grow a set"

Life happens everyday, and today will not be cancelled due to your lack of interest.Google, blogging, and the so called "you" economy is here, and we are not just listening but are perfectly capable of coming back at yawl. New models of communication flip things around. It's not about the message, it's not about the new sale, it's about the experience.TV sucks. The Movies suck. Newspapers are dead, and books are right behind.

Got Blog? The Social Life Of Information

The Ad man is an anachronistic
mercenary semantic Berlin wall of telling not selling -- playing dice with content --promoting with hype and hyperbole. This ain't no crap shoot anymore.

The PR man, on the other hand and his love of relationships, his ear to the ground and fingers on the pulse is proactive. The PR man accelerates conversations in real time. The process still is the same--create first, and get judged by your peers, but the ballot box is not stuffed with the attitude of "You'll get nothing and like it" at your scheduled time and place, the only thing good about the word network, is the net, the werk part is broken

Advertising, the dominant dogs of kitsch in the marketing kennel needs to move over, because PR is taking over. Change or die- This is an historic day--A commercial news organization links up with Technocrati--Two of the most important tools of business communication---announcements via the press and reactions from bloggers!

Got a Blog?

PR Newswire Links Press Releases to Technorati

The press release, the one-way in your face documen t as we know it is dead---. Press releases are one way spins, and spin is telling stories even when there is no story to tell -- but plain talk is a blog.The blog has replaced the press release. The blog is plain talk.

The PR Salesman was based on a very googly but pre-Google concept: carefully measuring and calibrating marketing according to what the customer tells you.

TV advertising was the ultimate tool of another age – The Age of Obedience. TV is big brother that wasn’t watching us, we were watching him.More missed opportunities for branded content, the partnership that brings entertainment value to brands and ideas that integrate into brands. Press releases made everyone play god---.Problem is, we're all "atheists" today, and we'd prefer to hear the human voice. It's time for all of us to get real and blog.

Now It’ s a Brave New Work Place. There is a fundamental shift from persuasion to permission based communication. The audience will continually reject mass market messages.

The Internet and the blending of brands and entertainment provide the solution, what each of these positions has in common is a sense that the traditional mass marketing, advertising dominant model has to change – whether we like it or not.

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A Post Without Image earth school kills all of its students. Yet your lifestyle will determine your death style.Earning a Pulitzer Prize these days for excellent journalism doesn't translate into sales.Time's You Person of the year is really you(TH), and no one under 30 EVER reads a newspaper.

"Honey, I Shrunk The Paper"

Newspapers are going on a diet this week, in an effort to be slimmer, more targeted,--The Wall Street Journal and USA Today got smaller in a few days. The Los Angeles Times lost a few pounds. The New York Times is planning to do the Body For Life Challange. At the Chicago Tribune is joining the club. As the readership declines, moving to tabloid style is a cost cutting measure that could save the Journal, for instance, $18 million a year. Too bad nobody really gets their news from a hard copy anymore. We'll be talking about news rather than newspapers in the next year as Trend20007 predicts the death of the 7 day a week newspaper.

Who needs a 7 day a week, 365 day a year paper anymore? These papers have to be comfortable taking photos, using video and audio and mixing it up because there are so many other ways to get news. They should just phase out Mondays,Tuesdays, and Saturdays anyway, and focus on Friday and Sunday editions.

The real deal on trimming the fat...

“Dude, You Are So Not Pregnant... I wouldn't call you fat, but I wouldn't call you thin either. Besides, a little extra weight looks good on you”. By the way,guys do not talk to each other like this. Yet,for guys,size does matter.

We’re special because we’re American,.because it feels so good, likesome personal, copyrighted Act of Creation, the gold standard. the invisible inheritance and artery clogging rants of The West against the rest. It’s dietary racism. The Hamburger is a meat nazi. the fascist gun in the west. This is our brain on French Fries.

Mobile phones are 400 times dirtier than your toilet seat. I still rather lick a toilet seat at a Yankee Stadium restroom, then eat a bolony sandwich.My bolony has a hundred names.

Tomorrow will not be cancelled due to lack of interest. Life happens everyday for Joe Six Pack and Vinnie-bag-a-Donuts. Their favorite food is seconds. Coffee is their cup of tea. Their favorite animal is steak. They think beef jerky could quite possibly be the mostv perfect food on the planet. “ Vegetables are for wimps ” “Besides, nobody really cares if lentils got tangled up in a tuna net."

What’s next Joe ? Caffeine donuts? Is that what you want? To be able to stay awake during your bypass operation?

Stressed and spelt backwards that’s dessert. It's easier to change your religion than your diet.

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Welcome To Retail History---China's getting Supersized

The Dogs of Kitsch are still going on a world tour ---to satisfy mass culture, by spinning and packaging the shared hallucination of everlasting uncertainty, fueled by the disease of "more". Hello and Buy Buy to Val(shorthand for Valley Girl) like totally: How do you say---Shop till you drop, in Chinese?

There are more products, more markets, more people, more competition. In our world of abundance and excess, competition is total and competition is personal. Difference rules. Small is beautiful. Small is the new big. Less has and always will be, more.

Go East Young Man!It was the mantra of simplicity Zero sum minus some.The further East the Dogs of Kitsch go, the further West they get. People are the only thing that make a difference. It's not about high tech machines or your nice buildings and logos anymore. Apparently, the Chinese have been eavesdropping in on Corporate America's Death By PowerPoint Venture third round funding dog and pony shows---"all we have to do is get 1% of the people in China to buy our product." Dim Sum and Then Sum...

Let's read the tea leaves:You can't teach an old dogma new tricks. Don’t mistake motion for progress.If you feel athletic, do you go to a sports bar? So, if you want to love things that can't love you back, go to a mall. It's the “democratisation” of boredom. Get your workout on, on the dehumanizing treadmill of materialism and consumption.

The mall is like, so prehistoric, and headed for extinction; according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the Congress for the New Urbanism. They describe malls as grey fields, after brown fields, the term for toxic waste dumps. Yet you wouldn't know it. The old wine is in a new bottle. The art of telling stories even when there is no story to tell.

The karaoke bar is singing the praises of Don't worry be happy in Minnesota this Sunday and Beijing today. A cheap imitation of the once glory days (1980) of the Galleria Mall in Sherman Oaks, California.

It's closing time for the karaoke crowd ---who actually cares that you can belt out the loudest tune after three martini's --It's still the S.O.S. Same ole ___ bland copies of the original. It just goes to show---The secret of staying young is lying about your age.The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, opened in 1924.America's first mall, therefore It isn't young. it's old,83 years old. Yet, it's being portrayed asa rockstar---18 with 65 years experience.

Happy 10 year birthday- a decade of Minnesota's "Mall of America": 4 million square feet of sameness; the mere "mini me" of malls when it comes to China's supersized mall. Why not, the country with the largest people in the world should have the largest mall in the world and they do.

The Beijing mall is advertised as the mall that will change your life--- Everything is for sale: Goat-leather motorcycle jackets, Italian bathroom sinks, hand-made violins, grandfather clocks, colonial-style desks, Jaguars, diapers. And that's barely getting started. With 230 escalators, more than 1,000 shops, restaurant space the size of two football fields, and a skating rink - the Art Deco mall is a testament in glass and steel to the communist party's desire to create a stable, happy, middle-income consumer class.

Beijing also has 24 golf courses, despite a water shortage. It's Adam Smith's Diamond Water paradox--what's more valuable. It will be the mall that changes their lives. It will turn their homes into landfills. North America is really about services; everything that is manufactured is usually done in China, the Beijing to Bentonville AK(Wal Mart) supply chain. Now,Work that doesn't give many much meaning in life can be followed by free time that gives just as little meaning in life. Procrastinate Now! at the new Beijing Mall.

And I thought Skying in Dubai was ridiculous.

Chris Rock (I)Chris Rock's Take on Malls: There's no more America. Remember when we were kids it was America? You go see your grandma, go to her little town? There's no more little towns, it's all malls. All malls and they're all the same. The same mall St. Louis is the same mall in Detroit. Got the same Gap, Banana Republic, Chest King, Sunglasses Hut, all the same crap. And every town's got two malls: they got the white mall, and the mall white people used to go to. 'Cause there ain't nothing in the black mall. Nothing in the black mall but sneakers and baby clothes.

More on the 3 pound universe, that grey matter between your ears---your brain.

The world is like some giant Mall opening her legs, amid the silence of the cloister and the license of the brothel, Info Wh_res-- climb through, the new loophole that defines us yet doesn't negate us. The corporation is no longer a fictitious individual, the corporation is the individual--- us, and the means of production,ours. The right brain verses the left, and the right is winning.

Hotel @nyware is part of the "mood monopolists" who recognize that consumers' tastes and even values are changing as often as their clothes. Dotcom mogul Ed Reif's Trend 2007-black is the new red. Do chips the way you do life---in black. It's mysterious, non committal , like wearing sunglasses. Black Action.

The only truly unique asset a company has is its brain power. We live in a time where we may have more time than money, but time and talent can and should be comodified--- Bosses are extint, and any companies most precious resource are sneakers walks out the door around 5PM everyday.

There is wise and otherwise---Resumes are obsolete.Hire for attitude, training can be demand-driven, as you need to know it. At the beginning of the day, it's all about possibility, at the end of the day, results.

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One of the biggest trends we are seeing emerge from the Internet is the acceptance of messiness versus perfection. In the analog world we collected. In the digital, we canvas. The analog world was "technical: the digital, "social".

Trend 2007, Ed Reif says, "the mess is the message---and that's ok." We get to treat our technology , as an unfinished prototype. It doesnt know everything. It just supplies the starter kit.

Don’t obsess about a grand plan like when you text message for instance. It won't survive an encounter with the new wor(l)d order of "good enough", not "perfect". Good enough does the heavy lifting for perfect. IM's change the info conversation from (supply-driven) tojust-in-time canvassing (demand-driven), IM is great for brainstorming.

IM is fast, and a good collaborative tool. There's no over think. It's better than e mail. You can use 2 fingers. You don't have to vaccinate against cover-your-arse’ syndrome, and CC and reply to this... It improves knowledge, creates relationships, builds respect, generates new ideas.
If you aggregate individual decisions and ideas, you’ll get better results. The key is that individuals need space to have their own independent thoughts.

IM--- It's not like tivo and it's not like podcasting.Tivo is a product that you buy. Podcasting is a standard that you use.Tivo lets you time-shift TV. Podcasting lets you download things automatically from the Internet.

When it comes to voice mail and e mail, people leave a message and you "get back to them. Instant messaging, well is instant. Yet, being synchronous makes it intrusive. .It is the best way I know to make a pest of yourself.

"Who does the typing?"---How many hours of time are wasted by people typing with two fingers? Who cares about productivity, especially when it come to Instant Messaging. There’s a 70 percent chance that when you call someone at work, you will get voicemail. Trying to connect with other people by phone has an even spottier track record. You have a better shot with IM.

QWERTY, the same 'ol keyboard as we know it, was designed to slow down the levers of the manuel typewriter so they wouldn't jam. ---And another thing, what's this caps lock and why does it take up so much space? Ah, the socially inept keyboard.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is writers cramp, a real "slap on the wrist. It was designed to make typing more difficult, and mot invented by orthopedic surgeons loking to make a fast buck on work place injuries, but by the guy who invented the "modern" day keyboard. Hold on Worker's compensation boards of America--now there is(crackberry) Blackberry thumb and trigger finger.

My Mobile device is killing me. Hotel @nyware will be funding anyone who wants to open a Tech Spa-- for BlackBerry thumb,” “tech neck,’’ and "tech hand", the repetitive stress "things that used to happen when you were fifty something now happening in your 20's and 30's. Just to mix it up a bit, I heard that having a cell phone to your face, not only gives you "cell phone popre clob and bacteria, but it's like sticking your head in a microwave and frying your brain. This is your brain on a cell phone.(There is an the old PSA ad)

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A Post Without Image

Unique New York, a real tongue twister; and La-La Land of Los Angles, a real twist.

Biology may be biography but geography for most of the twentieth century has been ones destiny! It wasn't what you knew nor even who you knew . It was where you were. Not anymore.Talented individuals are mobile monopolies with global passports. You're either a geek or a grunt. There are endless choices, and endless freedom. Technology frees us to be ourselves---and we can either pay in cash or competence.

In the Hard to make this stuff up department---Home is not where the heart is, it's where your desktop is:where ever you go, there you are. It's easy and hard to deal with "everywhere" 24/7. Time and talent: we sell it; we hire it; we package it. ---You own your means of production--that small, gray 3 lb universe called your brain that will move markets and shakes up capital. Being original is a hitchhikers guide to the galaxies of the Youneverse!Look inside. Do you want to be a first-rate version of yourself or a second-rate version of someone else? If you are doing the later, you'll always be looking for grenner pastures.

In a sense, we all tele-commute, WFH (work from home) and wanting to improve our work-life balance.---this postopia of location-agnostic (Hotel @nyware) way of working that frees us up to be wherever we want, whenever we want, as long as we get "it"done. This is like TiVo for your work. Work Unplugged.Work is no longer defined by real estate.

The letter of the law---the 20 mile rule, that you have to be near your work, has been replace by the spirit of the law---Ed Reif's Trend 2007--- The 20 minute rule---If you're not living within 20 minutes of a Starbucks (and t-mobile hotspot), you're in pain. Wake up and smell the opportunity.

Learning is also no longer defined by the "campus". My 21 year-old daughter , has been living in Toronto, taking courses online at Harvard University . It's (r)Evolutionizing , Imean EVEolutionary! the way things get done in academia.What you want to learn is how to learn, SFH, School From Home.

A (social) butterfly 3000 years ago flipped its wing, and for that reason, maybe we were born, raised and schooled in New York , or California, or got "the call", and migrated to their cities--- IQ magnet, where the brains were: to be and live like a "Rolling Stone" ---a transient lifestyle, that frees you from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions. It's the current, and a wanderlust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible, living for the now.

I used to call the rest of America -the United States of Unconsciousness---the suburbs--Stroller-Land, with the safest cars (Volvos and SUV'S) and without having to worry about getting a parking spot but blad and average. Now the whole world is a global supermarket, and one endless friction-free shoppers paradise, with inexpensive information, if you know how to find it. It doesn't matter where you are.

How much T.O.E. did you have (Time On Earth) in one of these places---If you weren't in the Boston-New York-Washington economic power corridor in the 1980's or even the 90's, or the enormous creative hubs of the San Franciscos and LA's., it was hard to be a geek of all trades-- Part of the "Creative Class"---entrepreneurs,architects, entertainers, marketers, researchers, editors, software engineers, artists---where knowledge, creativity and innovation are key.

The past doesn't matter anymore. If you are connected, you're good to go. There's no such thing as a bad address on the net. Productive, well-paid work is based on ideas, information and adaptive thinking. Work involves more brains and less brawn.

My brother BR is a partner in an entertainment company. His offices are in New York and Beverly Hills. If you ask him where he lives, he says, "Delta Seat 1A"..."I have a house in the Midwest. It's where I collect my mail. He's serious. It's his ' home of record', a super-sized McMansion, golden arches not included, He commutes by plane.

Ed Reif's Trend 2007: People will get paid not for the knowledge they have, but the stories they tell. This is the economy of the storyteller.

What do you do? may have replaced How do you do? The quest in no longer in the questions, "Do you rent or own? or Who's Your City? The place you choose to live is, no longer, the most important decision you'll ever make.(LA for film production, Memphis for music. So what, with a Blackberry, e mail, Internet access, and a phone does it really matter).

Sure, these cities run on Brainpower. Attracting and retaining talent is harder these days with the telecommute, the WFH crowd can take a puddle jumper if necessary.

There was a great creative divide--IQ magnets like New York_ London,_Paris,_Tokyo;the San Francescos and Bostons; the Taipei's and Singapore's, Toronto_ Vancouver_Amsterdam and Dublin. These are the great syndicates, producing the bulk of the world's wealth ,pulling from the talent pool and generating innovation. You can still participate from location neutral Hotel @nyware.

Showing up still is 99%. Punch you business ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo on take off...

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This is giving me amnesia and deja vu all at the same time---I think I forgot this before----There Are No Spectator Anymore-Participate in the army of me. Group hug. Pass the kool-aid. The creators will thrive at the expense of the imitators. Express yourself. Be original. Everything else is just karoke.

The mediocrity of blogging. if you build it, and they come, you are popular; and being popular means normal, the setting on your washing machine. Normal=Nothing.You become an A-lister, and if you think A-Lister's are Thoroughbred jerkaholics, try meeting some B-Lister's. The most hyped phrase of 2006 B lister's is-UGC, user generated content. Let's put those words to bed. UGC is like an artichoke, you have to go through so much to get so little.

Hotel @nware is still a "get It" who hasn't got it. and that's good. There are only two kinds of blogs that are really fascinating — blogs that are nouveau niche and know about absolutely everything and blogs that are from the era of unearned confidence--- a simpleton-esque complete wastes of time and know absolutely nothing.

Hotel @nyware might be a blip on your radar or a source of great inspiration.There is no there there out there in lala land of the infosphere. Blogging is a way to make things happen indirectly. I am creating a cause not a business. A mere clerk and dispenser of enthusiasm. It should be treated like a chain letter - read it and pass it onto 10 other people.TROGGING: Trust + Blogging. Keep on trogging.

The Emperor, however, has a new suit. "In your face" naked conversations that write for demographic “eyeballs” instead of real people that you know personally is stupid--- Just because everyone believes in stupidity, don't go and make it a fashion statement.

"As long as I get the blog spaceship in the air"---woops Challenger and group think.... Blogs are conversations, but it is probably all babble. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say "Intimacy" F2F face to face communication is the next google people will be paying for -one-on-one conversations the way they used to pay for sex. Get ready for E(motional)-commerce!

All blogs are made from the same mold, some are moldier. The quest for good blogging is in the questions: Am I breaking the mold---the patterns and expectations? Or else...Nothing new here. Se ya....Mediocrity, not the key to holding attention. Pose a challenge, inspire curiosity. Change things up. The danger of staying still. Stay caffeinated!

Is this really a hi res experience? Being-better-is-better. The more you know and can do, the higher resolution experience you'll have. Can I get you through the rough patches, the "this sucks threshold"?

The sex of Hotel@nware, not really but Ed Reif has to be your seducer, to get you to stay with the stories he tells. The "F" word---fun. Is it fun ?Fun not (always) funny. Fun= practicing to survive in the new wor(l)d order. SomedayI will be giving the test--the t shirt test. When you wear it, Hotel @nwyare has got you.

This is not I'm not out there to save your/ the /world; save your analog eyes from this digital world. I talk about Web2.0 and social networks because I'm interested in them, and every sensible person makes his living by doing what he enjoys. So that explains me. I'm not trying to help anyone or or improve anyone. I accept "you" as you are--Of course when a spring flows down the mountain, its doing its thing, and if a thirsty traveler helps himself, that's cool. When a bird sing, it doesn't sing for the advancement of music and I don't write for the advancement of the alphabet,, but if someone stops to "listen" and gets switched on so much the better . That's the spirit of Hotel @nyware.

Ah, the jo(b)y of advertising creating instead of supplying needs-----where Life is a cereal,Joy, a detergent,and Coca-Cola is it. Pure Jeanius is Levi's and Banana Republic. Pepsi knows our national id has A.D.D., and Hotel @nyware learned today that the Pepsi can is changing , every 3 to 4 weeks to connect with our short attention span .

I had a moment of clarity about traditional advertising, the old wor(l)d order---

Social networks -it's not just for kids anymore. The "medium" is inter-connectivity between content and audience.It was a brilliant moment of 21st century advertising reform --

I was one of the people who viewed a clip from Fox’s Family Guy on youtube. It's been viewed over 300,000 times! I was participating in a collective action, and I didn't even feel a ripple---the smooth translation of public demand to get rid of "and now a word from our sponsor" commercials--- the rules were bent and swamped by this other resource, the Free Agency of the year--consumers... The (old)Ad agencies should just fold, they’re out of line and out of touch.

Let's stop rolling the tape and discuss the smack down for a moment---Fox didn't spend a dime on advertising, and more than that, I wouldn't know if they did--- now that I have Tivo and time shift Family Guy, I don't even watch the promos. This is not deja vu Napsterization, cutting out the middleman. Its Dijon Vu. The same old mustard. An army of me. Yet, my means without ends turned out to justify Fox's end---that I watch the show. After all, I can deal with a sound byte on my laptop---I'll watch the show in its entirety at home on a TV screen.

Lies, dam lies and lists... Have a to be list, not a to do one!

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A miracle is a shift in thinking, shifting from view to act, from find to share, from passive to collaborate, web 2.0 is a miracle.

Trend 2007. It's up to us. We well-known media subversives, who have a basic understanding on real-time, collaborative and social technologies.

I don't need to find a pound of profound when I say:The individual is the new group and the epicenter of social context. Markets are conversations, and the future is conversational. It all begins with the blogereiti, the new group, Ed Reif calls, the individual.

Hollywood acted as the traffic cops, the gatekeepers. The critics went to the movie premieres. They told us thumbs up or down, if a movie was good enough for we, the public to see.

Rolling Stone Magazine guys went to gigs and told us about the cool bands. They were the ones who got advanced copies of CD'S, books, videos, and games. They were the people in the know, the ones with the connections we needed to get us hooked up.

Those people are jumping out of buildings or at least, on suicide watch. WE DON'T NEED THEM TO STAND BETWEEN WE AND OUR STUFF anymore...Yet, there is so much stuff out there, that we still need A Few Good Search Engines, A Few Good Bloggers.

Media is a triathlon event. We like to watch, but we also like to create, and to share.

Doubling down on the watching part is not a sure bet these days. Hack it up. Get it out there. Make your presence known. Get feed back. Monetize-add a few Google adds here and there.

You don't have to wait to be discovered; no "after the fact": It is the model you see in Mr Shite Guard I wrote about a few days ago in No Noose Is good News--and in projects like Wikipedia and how mass collaboration changes everything:

Write? Right!Not select, then publish; but publish, then select. It turns the old flat earth approach upside down.U, know better than they, the anonymous none, you know the precise "skill set" you can contribute; and peers then can validate your contribution.

It may have become trivial to publish text, whether by blog or by print-on-demand.Yet, peer review and stamp of approval come after, not before you go publish and "feed" your stories. Peer review is only way for top rate work to get noticed and special interests gravitate towards special audiences.

A new kind of publishing and a new kind of publisher, is the water mark. It inspires community. It matches writers to readers (Most are both). It just may just transform the publishing industry for good. It's nano-publishing--- scaled-down, and inexpensive.

In "The Tipping Point", going viral needs Mavens, who know a great deal about a subject; and Connectors people that know a great deal of people. Using the best of our abilities to work within these personalities is key to making an idea "go viral". That's nano publishing.

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. I came. I saw. I stuck around. Veni, Vidi, Wiki...The wiki that edited me.You don't get final cut. Reader involvement is becoming more important. Social Networking works because people are not as jazzed by websites as they are by other people. Connection is the purpose of the web. I meet: therefore I am.

Camera Phone photography has democratised a previously expensive Kodak moment hobby. And we're seeing the barriers to movie-making crumble, with affordable high-quality cameras and video hosting provided by You Tube or Google Video. Don't just think of your cell phone as a phone, or even a camera phone, or even a third screen. It is a desktop to the world---the new "remote control" for your life.

Music making is easier than ever before with high-quality recordings possible without esoteric equipment, and the Internet has revolutionised distribution. The rules of the world are changing.

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