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If you Build it, they will get you there
You Talking To Me-Singapore by land-Vertigo after two sea days. Yearning for the ocean blue already.

Money is Singapore's first language, English their second; or in the case of taxi driver's, their third or forth one. When I asked him how long  he had been driving a taxi, he said, "Dree mouse.” (3 Months)

See: The Geirangerfjord-Mother Nature and Father Time Are Effing Special

There's nothing special about "going shopping" or eating at a fine resturant-BTDT(Been There Done That) Orginality  is an  unexplored territory in places like Singapore. You get there by carrying a kayak -- you can't take a taxi.

Nevertheless, taking a cab to Orchard Street, the epicenter of retail and colonial life as it was and in many  ways still is, is like walking the painted line. Traffic moves in orderly fashion through streets that are wide. Everything here is clean, functional and neat- No chaos, not even a unit of chaos, a chao (porunced COW, my nelologism)-- that a typical city like Bangkok or Bejing might offer. I spent most of the time on the subway, the MRT, another cheap and easy way to get around-went to Little India and Chinatown.


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