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Life's A Trip-EnjoyThe Ride

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It was the best of vibes. It was the worst of vibes. We waited for 2020 to have that perfect vision.  Nobody could predict what they'd be seeing and doing this year- washing their hands, wearing a mask and social distancing because of the global pandemic.Normally, we would be sailing in the Norwegian Fjords, The Baltics or Alaska. Tis the season but all fleets have come to a grinding halt.. DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP...However

5,669 miles, 133 hrs driving

I rented a land yacht, a 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander (my protective bubble from the Covidiots who refused to take the virus seriously enough to follow some basics) and drove from Palm Beach to Jackson Hole, WY. Planning a road trip now is like trying to build an airplane as you're flying one ... data changes I avoided airports, public transport and  took my chances in a SUV, and hit the interstate freeways. Three days (daze) later I rolled up on The Grand Tetons. I've sailed the seven seas, and visited every imaginable port of call, but being double-land locked would be a first.
Show rather than tell- If words are a net to capture beauty then I have been deputized as a commercial fisherman by virtue of my Samsung S10+--these videos below are drift netting and capture views of everything natural.

Double Land Locked In Montana and Wyoming 

5 years ago this June, I was on top of the world, literally, at The Arctic Circle

 I am again on top of the world at Yellowstone, this big, wild and stunning National Park.

Just to note: I drove from Palm Beach to Jackson Hole,m WY, staying in my Pandemic Bubble car.... Wasnt taking any chances.. It took 3 days, and it was brutal

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