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Commonly called Cape Point, this 77.50-sq-km section of Table Mountain National Park had some  awesome scenery,  deserted beaches and spectacular sea and mountain views.

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Irresistible, is a good way to describe it. @3,500 ft above sea level, it is the oldest mountain on Earth, 6x older than The Himalayas. The rocks at the summit reminded me of Honningsvåg Norway and the Arctic Circle glacier stones-truely amazing. Happy to duplicate ,Christ the Redeemer Art Deco statue pose  of Jesus Christ in Rio.

Hope lies on Table Mountain-the exact vista that Nelson Mandela looked out from his prison on Robben Island that kept him going.It is an important piece of SA culture I will take back with me and share the legacy.
Our "ocean" view
@The Table Bay Hotel

Here in Northe Cape, in the Arctic Circle, looks to me a lot like Table Mountain

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