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"The only thing green about Revlon Spokesperson
Sheryl Suzanne Crow is the money she deposits in her bank accounts."
My imaginary Internet friends at

The Toilet Paper Chronicles-I think therefore I am overqualified-The Armstrong Effect

They never really lived together. They we’re just two strangers sharing water and electricity. It was a thankless job being Sheryl's boyfriend, but Lance had karma to burn off. It’s hard to find that special person you want to annoy you for the rest of your life.Who would have guessed the sign she was born under---NO PARKING.

To Lance Armstrong, a testicular cancer survivor, she was obnoxious on a personal level, breaking his heart and busting his chops, drop kicking him through the goal posts of love, till he ended up hating the player and the game- He took his ball and went home.

If only he could be half the man Sheryl's dog thought he was. Lance is a stud. He wasn't someone that you use once and throw away on the scrap heap. He was a real friend--- someone that you could use again and again. Oh well... He broke the Guy Rule: Thou shall not rent the DVD version of Sex and the City.

While Sheryl stays busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian with Laurie David---whose only claim to fame is being the sex partner of Larry David who helped create Seinfeld--- it's back to the grind for Lance---to those meaningful overnight relationships: Getting in touch with his inner red neck, LIVING STRONG--- like going downtown and practicing his “Git in the truck” lines. And the only honesty these days is telling call girls his real name. "I'll take things that I know for $200, Alex."

To "You Americans", as the first Web 2.0 Psy-Cho Killer chided us during his V Tech NBC Make a Death Wish Morning Show, Sheryl Crow is obnoxious on an ultra granola global scale; saving the world, one square at a time---resorting to toilet paper origami. She thinks that Americans use too many sheets to wipe, and wants us to "Say No to Crack".

What happened to the--- Don't- worry-be- happy- kum -bi -ya- my- lord "All I wanna do is have some fun" girl next door? Growing up was optional, growing old wasn't: She turned forty-five . That's what. Toilet warming...she's certainly talking sh#@! It may look like she's doing nothing, but at the cellular level she's really quite busy. Someday, Sheryl will look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

As Crow starts believing her own crap, her third eye and turd eye are becoming one----Shift Happens! She is about to jump the shark. She's s a great singer, but her brainpower is Angel Soft menopausal. She thought she was going to leave a mark on this world...She'll probably leave a stain. For now, it's like an Alcatraz (sic) around her neck. Every word that comes out of Miss Fruit Loops mouth is a life sentence bowl of stupidity.Why should she waste her time reliving the past with the Lance drama when she can spend it worrying about the future, and her global warming mentos and coke science project she found out about on YouTube.

The truly educated never graduate. Money is their report card.

Sheryl's Global Warming carbon credit bearing course work is like the 20th grade. Crow is a workaholic: mention work, and all she wants to do is get drunk. The bloated rocker is majoring in Gin , the other white meat, with a minor in Grey Goose; and has maintained a perfect 4.0. blood alcohol level at all times.

The hippo-crite travels with a flotilla of buses and semis--- three tractor trailers, four buses,a private jet and six cars. To call Crow's sideshow a circus is to insult the trapeze artists and bearded ladies everywhere. Yet, her Global Warming cirque du soleil is short a few clowns. Even Jon Stewart who makes fake news real, when nowadays real news seems so fake, is at a lose for words. It's Sex and Drugs and Cuckoo for CoCo Puffs!

WWMWDo? What Would Mr. Whipple Do?

Let's face it: It is easier to change ones religion than the way we wipe our hands, noses and, yup, our rear ends. Allow me to sound like a thing from that other tax bracket- Join the slam dunk Global Warming Hoax Tour-- Fly away with Crow. Sell your car for (biodiesel)gas money...but please, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Blogged with Flock

“We’ve raised millions and millions of dollars for the fight against cancer, but now it’s time that money goes toward something that is afflicting Lance right now – STDs.”

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"The Good News is You're Fired" NBC News President Steve Capus

"Well, I'm going anyway. Let's talk about something important!" Ed Reif, former NYU classmate of Alec, and Starter for Team Baldwin!

The Alec Baldwin Spin Control-He Said. She Did.

Why be a good celebrity parent? There's nothing more boring than setting a good example--Alec's heated tirade voice mail, calling out his 11 year-old daughter, is called parenting. No Anger Management here. No rehab. No check up from the neck up. But no Father's Day card either. He regreted saying all of that . Is this enough to make him finally make good on his promise to leave the country? It should be, given that spending quality time with your children, if you are a divorced father in America , amounts to being a throwaway dad, where the mother often holds her kids for ransom. More than that, when an angry wife makes an accusation, it is assumed true, regardless of how outrageous and the Father's rights are taken away until he can prove himself innocent.

Alec's Own Private Durham. Put up your Dukes Kim!

What about Basinger? For making a private, within-the-family disagreement between a father and daughter into Mad TV, Anger as entertainment. Releasing a voice mail your ex-husband left for your kid in the middle of a custody battle---Wow that takes balls. Alec will never be the man his daughter's Mother is.

Let's face it, he didn't hijack a plane and he is no Imus. Alec is a butch version of Rosie O'Donnell, only funnier. No one should talk to their kids like that, but guess what, kids do the darndest things. 11 is the new 14, and middle school agers are (sometimes) manipulative and selfish brats. Had I known a judge would stop me from seeing my parents, I would have recorded everything they said and I could have grown up in a foster home. Check please.

NBC Today is Hamburger Helper- Puts Baldwin Through a 7 minute Meat Grinder.

How tabloid can NBC Today get? They violated Baldwin's family privacy, playing the entire seven-minute tape!Baldwin is on NBC's 30 Rock--the same network , who fired Imus for calling the Rutger's Basketball girls nappy ho's yet a few days later put the first Web 2.0 psycho killer on the nightly news. Those who can't kill teach...

Has NBC jumped the shark? Read Hotel Anyware's post on Psy-Cho TV.

My childhood would have been a lot more fun if Alec Baldwin were my dad, instead of my roommate at NYU---true story -Rubin Hall 35 Fifth Avenue back in 1980's- He still owes me $2.25 for the Chinese food! Anyway...

The steel cage celebrity custody battle between Team Kim and Team Alec continues. Reminds me of Glengarry Glenross' Blake---
You got leads. Mitch & Murray paid good money. Get their names to sell them. You can't close the leads you're given, you can't close shit, *you are* shit, hit the bricks pal, and beat it, 'cause you are going *out*. He's about as convincing in this Voice Mail:

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The Road Less Traveled, the Psy-Cho Path---Why Go Postal or Go (North) Korean? Go Jihad or Go Home!

Mass McMurder or Terrorism? You Make The Call

Some serial killers -don't know how to behave during a massacre---especially when the game is not a game anymore. The silicon chip inside his head... Gets switched to overload.Tell me why? "I don't like Monday's"... is so Karaoke Columbine, so Pre 9 11, a regular run of the mill copycat swan song ; so is Dr Phil's Electronic Arts Video Games Violent overdose rant last night on Larry King.

We are going to need the big guns--some weapons of mass distraction from the Propaganda Minstry Fox News to remind us of the War on Terror ; Good vs Evil. In the New Wor(l)d Order---7 days can make one weak--Everyday is Monday! and, It all tastes like Chicken!

The agenda-- driven-- no-- fault society--- Welcome to the United States of Unconciousness--- the 51st state, the state of denial! It's not your fault Shawn

This ain't no Trench Coat Mafia---A Few Good Scapegoats-Immigration, the NRA, Electronic Arts Video Games, the War( A Virginia Tech per day bodycount) in Iraq,Prozac Class Action Ambulance Chasing Lawyers with the Twinkies Defense, Hollywood's over-the-top film industry--- An all-you-can-eat-smorgasbord buffet of assigning blame, name calling and starting the debate--Imus is officially on the Dead Fish Report but the player hater H8rs are everywhere. Are you ready to mix it up Geraldo; Hannity and O Reilly?

Leading off: The number one reason the shootings happened: Ismail Had An Ax To Grind

"Jihad is fun da-mental" will do--it's Kentucky fried extra crispy.

Call me Ismail-Ax. The Jihad Joe Flavor of the month --- Virginia Tech Conspiracy aka"When I get old, I wanna blow up just like Daddy".

You can't spell manslaughter without laughter---so when you eat what you kill, make sure you're having a good time, like geeking out on the World of Warcraft, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Combat--Woops this is RL, real life-- Is Dr Phil, the qunitessential bald woman in drag who talks smack about men on Oprah, right? Should we be drawing up plans to send Cruise missles on the headquarters of Electronic Arts, the makers of video games instead of Iran. Nah

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off--Sure Chuck Heston's Wild Oats have turned to Shredded Wheat, but he's got a point:

Guns don't kill people-23-year-old ESL student Cho Seung-Hui (pronounced Choh Suhng-whee),who immigrated to the United States in 1992 does. The new face of evil, poster boy, first person shooter, "left" a suicide note with the words "Ismail Ax" in red ink on the inside of one of his arms, a religious reference to Islam.--- Just a little in to our sane---putting the odd back into god, a Megalomaniac who not only must confused his thoughts with god's but had written his own reality check that couldn't bounce because it was written on the Constitution- the right to bear arms.

The English only crowd is bound to get some special interest again:

Men are from Earth and Women are from Earth--Apparently Cho couldn't deal with that. Cho was a resident Alien,from another planet! Does that make him American or South Korean? The one with the most toys dies. He was an AmericanT, not an American.

Blame will be assigned-- Normally any a la carte scapegoat theory would do---Alzheimer's patient Charlton Heston, confined, infirmed and demented in his 90210 Beverly hillbilly NRA time warp. living life happily ever after is an easy mark. We need an Uber scapegoat more than the NRA (pro gun), to go along with the worst shooting in US History. We need a little bit al Qaeda, North Korea, Iran Axis of Evil in the mix. Watch as the media connects the dots and you come to your own conclusion that this was inspired by terrorists.

Looks like a Deep Throat -Stealth -Ninja -Black Ops thing to keep the war on track....I can't talk now I'm on the blog....

Random Notes from Citizen Journalists:

Apparently, the killer liked"Shine," by Collective Soul, which he played over and overHe even scribbled some of the lyrics on the wall, they said -- lyrics like, "Teach me how to speak; Teach me how to share; Teach me where to go."

(After Columbine happened we wanted sometone to be mad at so people went after Marilyn Manson and pop culture. Can't blame this one on any gangsta rap.Cho Liked to get himself in his pychotic state by listening to Collective Soul won't do. It's practically a Church Hymn. Like millions of Americans, I like to watch American Idol to lose my mind.)

Photo Timeline from Flickr

On CNN, the earliest on-scene pictures of the Virginia Tech shooting and words were provided by Jamal Albarghouti, a Virginia Tech graduate student from the West Bank.

The RA Ryan Clark's

I hurt- so you have to hurt to make me feel better.Cowardice + violence = carnage. He killed his girlfriend Emily Hilscher, Here's her myspace page;

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Speech is free, but the free ride on hate speech is coming to an end. It used to be so easy, even a caveman could do it. The United States of Unconsciousness,however, is finally waking up. What's good for General Motors is no longer good for American business---

bigotry, anger, smear, derision and disrespect.

The Emperor's New Suit-Better than Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction!

The pimps have their latest media slut-- Imus.

Don looks like an aged re-tred hooker with pancake makeup on. He may not have worn a suit but he turned into one-- poster boy for corporate America's 21st Century (Stone Age "Sticks and Stones") FREE SPEECH business model; the loophole that allowed the whore to climb into the dialogue of talk radio.It's a noose and: No noose is good news---even those with a long rope get ultimately hanged by the same rope.

The Department of Wishful Thinking-

Don is getting his walking papers. It was like running Family Guy on PBS anyway. Time for Satellite XM Sirius--- the junkyard of radio? Think again-XM is jonzing for FCC approval of its merger with Sirius. Hiring Imus would be a bitch slap to the whole process.

IMUS' (electronic) lynching is just the latest "Celebrity Bigot" story to make the ABCNBCCBSCNNFOX Wrestling Smack Down ; getting in the Steel Cage with black "civil rights" leaders. Remember Mel Gibson druken Malibu rage and Kramer's (Michael Richards) rant at the Laugh Factory--and their morning after "my bad" mea culpas.

Rule of thumb #1 in PR---Don't call a press conference to announce you are wearing a Toupee. Rule 2, no one goes on Face The Nation(al) list of cowards in this country who beg for forgiveness for just speaking their mind. Coulter, Limbaugh and Savage don't throw yourselves under the bus because there is no bus!

Next, Let's---Follow the money---the Imus Showbiz Shakedown Crew -Obama, Sharpton and Jackson --will makes Tony Soprano look like Mother Teresa. Get your checkbook Diplomacy out Imus. This whole thing is a hoax, like Tawana Brawley, and O.J., but I guess that's part of the Psychic slavery reparations debt white America owes.

Just "doing my job" has cost him his job--- Sponsors-American Express, Proctor & Gamble, Glaxco-Smith-Kline aAND GM paid in excess of $8.3 Million last year for the right to have their commercials aired on Imus’s show. Instead of a lineup of “ho’s,” we saw a smart and sweet group of young women . It was visceral.

Death of A Nation, IMUS Elitism Circling The Drain
Wait, I think I'll have a Grey Poupon--It's Dijon Vu, the same old mustard

FADE IN: I’m in the locker room of the Augusta National golf club, towel snapping with the guys I went to school with at Elliott House in Boston, the West Point of capitalism, Harvard... calling woman whores, and peppering the banter with fried chicken and watermelon jokes at Portorhouse's expense; the black caddy who works in the Pro Shop. Did I mention the The N word? We picked that one up from hip hop dawgs and hanging out with NBA players in Vegas last month.

This ain't no 1970's --- One of the most influential people who ever lived on TV--- besides my personal favorites, Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver, and Stewie Griffen from Family Guy is--Archie Bunker and All in the Family, a television sitcom that broke all the rules — making fun of bigotry in all of its forms. Archie spewed hate toward the chinks, the spics, the jungle bunnies, the hebes... and the Polacks ... and Meathead (Rob Reiner) showed the utter absurdity of Archie’s views on African Americans, Hispanics.

So why are guys like Borat and Imus pissing us off? The Archie Bunker base in New York has either died or moved away . The real working-class New Yorker is likely to be black or Hispanic or Asian and quite often, born someplace else. The News is out of touch with their own demographic but some are "getting it". Imus plays a racists not for TV but for a a smaller audience share ---white male power.

"Media apartheid is over", says Ed Reif, "It's no longer black or white---we're plaid." Going all in (Shock Jocking) works every time except once---Lets talk about what really matters: Imus Is Out, Sanjaya Is Still In!

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originally uploaded by Ed Reif.
Hotel@nyware- A Business class ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo after takeoff

The old wor(l)d order of PUSH verses the New wor(l)d order of PULL, rolling the DICE verses Inviting CHOICE

Got Balls?

People DON'T wait and receive content at a scheduled time and place;People pull content when they want it. People DON'T use the end product:People are actively involved in creating the product. Business is NOT a managed program; Business is a flexible platform, The organisation DOESN'T provides everything: the organisation provides the starter pack. Organisations DON'T own their resources:Organisations mobilize resources. Friction is NOT inefficient and should not be eliminated: Friction is productive and should be encouraged.Hierarchies DON'T maintain order:Hierarchies stifle growth.
DON'T Aim for perfection: Aim for good enough. DON'T Design and lead a successful business:Treat your organisation as an unfinished prototype
DON'T Assume people are
primarily motivated by money: Realise everyone's deepest desire is to be appreciated.

Thinking Outside The Box _Office

The Academy award-winning short film of this year will probably be watched by a few thousand, while a YouTube clip shot on a camera phone might be watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers.

Obsolescence was is in full bloom-- Caught in the headlights, Queens For A Day, the Ad Guys -First, It was The Golden Globes, Next,the Academy Awards---Hollywood- land was dancing the bovine jig of Got Milk, the utter delight of keeping the con in conversation--- Living in an ‘80s time warp, the mile high-sausage fest--- Uber Mensch hug downs--back slapping-broke back club, is happy to talk their own talk, walk their known walk, to their own "A List" group and giving each other awards again. They think (their)content is king, well the king is dead.Long live the king. It's not throwing as much Sh_t against the wall and seeing what sticks*supply driven* it's demand driven---It's Social, everything that is written, everything that is spoken and everything that is shown about that "content providers" have no control over.

Hay guys it's official, transparency is now the universal PR euphemism for honesty, denial just ain't a river in Vegas. Operation "Screw The Public"the light at the end of the tunnel is being cancelled due to budget cuts. "Grow a set"

Life happens everyday, and today will not be cancelled due to your lack of interest.Google, blogging, and the so called "you" economy is here, and we are not just listening but are perfectly capable of coming back at yawl. New models of communication flip things around. It's not about the message, it's not about the new sale, it's about the experience.TV sucks. The Movies suck. Newspapers are dead, and books are right behind.

Got Blog? The Social Life Of Information

The Ad man is an anachronistic
mercenary semantic Berlin wall of telling not selling -- playing dice with content --promoting with hype and hyperbole. This ain't no crap shoot anymore.

The PR man, on the other hand and his love of relationships, his ear to the ground and fingers on the pulse is proactive. The PR man accelerates conversations in real time. The process still is the same--create first, and get judged by your peers, but the ballot box is not stuffed with the attitude of "You'll get nothing and like it" at your scheduled time and place, the only thing good about the word network, is the net, the werk part is broken

Advertising, the dominant dogs of kitsch in the marketing kennel needs to move over, because PR is taking over. Change or die- This is an historic day--A commercial news organization links up with Technocrati--Two of the most important tools of business communication---announcements via the press and reactions from bloggers!

Got a Blog?

PR Newswire Links Press Releases to Technorati

The press release, the one-way in your face documen t as we know it is dead---. Press releases are one way spins, and spin is telling stories even when there is no story to tell -- but plain talk is a blog.The blog has replaced the press release. The blog is plain talk.

The PR Salesman was based on a very googly but pre-Google concept: carefully measuring and calibrating marketing according to what the customer tells you.

TV advertising was the ultimate tool of another age – The Age of Obedience. TV is big brother that wasn’t watching us, we were watching him.More missed opportunities for branded content, the partnership that brings entertainment value to brands and ideas that integrate into brands. Press releases made everyone play god---.Problem is, we're all "atheists" today, and we'd prefer to hear the human voice. It's time for all of us to get real and blog.

Now It’ s a Brave New Work Place. There is a fundamental shift from persuasion to permission based communication. The audience will continually reject mass market messages.

The Internet and the blending of brands and entertainment provide the solution, what each of these positions has in common is a sense that the traditional mass marketing, advertising dominant model has to change – whether we like it or not.

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Cowboy French Fries!

In the United States of unconscious eating, the food is terrible and the portions never enough. Yet we Star Strangled Bastards can’t get enough of what we don’t want, don’t need and don’t know. —S.A.D. the Standard American Diet, Uncle Sam’s unhappy default mode of eating the same stuff over and over again; and expecting a different result. That’s the in to our sane. Our state of enjoyable discomfort is a concept of citizenship framed around our diet. There is something so sociably acceptable---being obscene and not heard. Fatness is a kind of invisibility, a fashion statement OK fatso, what’s it gonna be---Are you an American or an American’t?

As part of the best entertained and least informed people on the face of the planet, our national id has A.D.D., We are free to change spouses, jobs, careers, neighborhoods; but the menu? Never! This is your brain on French fries.

Meet Your Meat

The map may not be the territory, the statue may not be the saint; but The menu is not only the meal, the menu has replaced the meal. We eat what we are---- American. It has become the most powerful symbol of who we are. Meat and potatoes to a large extent is the glue that holds our country together. Our baseline “trance” of our everyday dining consists of this choice---riding the gravy train of Holy Beef USDA Prime, Choice or Select Beef: Take it or leave it. Or better yet, America, love it or leave it. Don’t eat the menu!

Counting calories is like a hooker who looks at her watch. Right? We drive to fast to worry about cholesterol, Maybe ? Yet, amid the silence of our cloistered cars and cubicles come the license of the brothel---- the Paradox of Choice, and more of it, has brought less satisfaction.

We conform to a false sense of normalcy In fact, meat now kills more Americans than tobacco. It has become the loophole that allowed the whore to climb into our diet. Give me life liberty and the pursuit of pleasure! The sex of eating meat is something more but nothing less than that, pleasurable. Good meat = good sex. We have on demand, anytime, anywhere menus, The American diet, however is pornographic-cheap and nasty, processed and dead.

Welcome to our shared hallucination of almost the right way to eat---This is our brain, wired and fired together, on French Fries: An American dream that is the American lie, but it is one of the most truly useful lies that inches we American dreamers closer to the truth----The true mystery of dining is the visible not the invisible. It is the naked truth.

No snowflake ever feels responsible for an avalanche, and we were given a snow job by the snowmen about the virtues of red meat. We didn’t know any better. Moving away from this, who would have thought that our storyline and personal history would provide a platform for growth and change. We became fat, overweight and out of shape. But we are about to change all that..

Just Juice It!

The right way to eat and almost the right way to eat is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. Welcome to the user friendly universe of XE, Extreme Eating. It is lightning in a bottle. This bolt that’s about to come into your life is both striking and alarming, and it will leave the entire landscape changed-as you will find out, irrevocably.

Extreme Eating guide is measurable, efficient and flexible. It’s less about body weight and more about body fat---so through away your scale. It’s less about how much you eat but more about how frequently---so “feed the furnace” raise your metabolic rate by eating six to eight times a day! It’s less about what you eat, more about how you eat, the French word, courage, with heart. Enjoy. Eat Drink and Be Merry.

Raw foods and fresh juices are the real fast food: because it isn't about how quickly food can get into your mouth, but how fast the body can digest it, and extract the goodness and get rid of the waste. We don’t need our food dead, sick or wounded. We need it alive. Buy a juicer!

It might be easier to change our religion than our diet but we American heretics have put the ODD into God: Laziness has become the religion of the 21st Century. Therefore: It is easier to kill your diet than to change it. It’s not broke, but don’t just break it, break it before someone else does!

Eat less, but more frequently (portions). Feed the furnance (Raise your metabolic rate). Throw away your scale and think body fat %, and drink water, lots of it. Healthiness' has replaced 'Godliness' as a dip stick for accomplishment and proper living.

The XE diet will put you in line for culinary sainthood as microwave fans are heading straight for hell.

Executive Summary

Don't eat anything with eyes.

Group Hug.

KUMBAYA. Kum ba yah, my Lord, Kum ba yah, Kum ba yah, my Lord, Kum ba yah Kum ba yah, my Lord, Kum ba yah Oh Lord, Kum ba yah.

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Trend 2007. It's up to us----the well-known media subversives, who have a basic understanding on real-time, collaborative and social technologies.

We don't need to find a pound of profound when we say:

The individual is the new group and the epicenter of social context.

Markets are conversations, and the future is conversational. It all begins with the blogereiti, the new group, Ed Reif calls, the YOUneverse.

In the middle ages of the 1990's, Hollywood acted as the traffic cops, the gatekeepers. The critics went to the movie premieres. They told us thumbs up or down, if a movie was good enough for we, the dumb and dumber public to see.

Rolling Stone Magazine guys went to gigs and told us about the cool bands. They were the ones who got advanced copies of CD'S, books, videos, and games. They were the people in the know, the ones with the connections we needed to get us hooked up.

Those people are jumping out of buildings or at least, on suicide watch. See my post--Dr Evil Sues God, on 83 year old-schooler Sumner Redstone, the same guy who fired Tom Cruise, is jumping off the Empire State Building and hoping that the fall doesn't kill him.

We don't need they, the anonymous no one, to stand between "us" and our stuff anymore...Yet, there is so much stuff out there, that we still need A Few Good Search Engines, A Few Good Bloggers a, A Few Good Cybrarians...and Dummies.

(New) Media is a triathlon event. We like to watch, but we also like to create, and to share. Take Hup
'n Dub for instance: I met Ryan Hupfer, Author of MySpace For Dummies, at Starbucks this week---"We decided that messaging our Top 8 Friends on MySpace wasn't good enough. So we decided to snag a bad ass tour bus, a film crew of our friends and some Pop-Tarts and hit the road to see what happens when the virtual becomes real.".

Doubling down on the watching part is not a sure bet these days.
Hup 'n Dub Hacked it up. Got it out there. Got feedback. Made their presence known and in the process embedded the Myspace and Google message.

Guys---now it's time to monetize your
brand integration,the 21st century version of product placement----and take buzz to the bank. Hup's pro bono unpaid placements represent a house advantage worth anywhere from half a million to a million dollars in potential revenue for these companies.

Collecting "the vig", however is no easy matter.There has yet to be a good business model for the ecclectic digital ethos of Ready. Fire. Aim. There can't be because: it reeks of un-authenticity. All of the existing revenue sharing false starts have one thing in common-- they pay peanuts, because they think DIY(Do It Yourself) and Homemade Shamans are a bunch of monkeys--- when actually it's the 800 lb gorilla in the room! The old school midset is still used to in-house or outsourced expensive, overpaid "professionals" (like photographers charging 500 bucks for the same shot you can take with your camera phone).

Got milk? Who needs the cow?---Volunteering. It doesn't pay. Remember the mantra of the internet. Information wants to be free. User generated contenters are still on the Divine Payroll with lots of good karma. The YOUniverse bears part of the cost of propagating a marketing message. But the message must provide value, be cool and avoid reading like an ad. WOM, or word of mouth, however, must be planned and anticipated. It's all about simple, honest conversations: Giving people a reason to talk about your stuff, and making it easy for that conversation to take place.

You don't have to wait to be discovered; no "after the fact". It is the model you see in Mr Shite Guard I wrote about a few months ago in No Noose Is good News--, the "Wackey Iraqi" who punked history when, without a White House press credential, without a Columbia School of Journalism degree confered, usurped the powers that be, and this citizen correspondent recorded So Damm Insane's (Saddam's) hanging, and posted it on youtube.

We see it in projects like Wikipedia and how mass collaboration changes everything:

Write? Right!Not select, then publish; but publish, then select. It turns the old flat earth approach upside down.U, know better than they, the anonymous none, you know the precise "skill set" you can contribute; and peers then can validate your contribution.

It may have become trivial to publish text, whether by blog or by print-on-demand.Yet, peer review and stamp of approval come after, not before you go publish and "feed" your stories. Peer review is only way for top rate work to get noticed and special interests gravitate towards special audiences.

A new kind of publishing and a new kind of publisher, is the water mark. It inspires community. It matches writers to readers (Most are both). It just may just transform the publishing industry for good. It's nano-publishing--- scaled-down, and inexpensive.

In "The Tipping Point", going viral needs Mavens, who know a great deal about a subject; and Connectors people that know a great deal of people. Using the best of our abilities to work within these personalities is key to making an idea "go viral". That's nano publishing.

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. I came. I saw. I stuck around. Veni, Vidi, Wiki...The wiki that edited me.You don't get final cut. Reader involvement is becoming more important. Social Networking works because people are not as jazzed by websites as they are by other people. Connection is the purpose of the web. I meet: therefore I am.

Camera Phone photography has democratised a previously expensive Kodak moment hobby. And we're seeing the barriers to movie-making crumble, with affordable high-quality cameras and video hosting provided by You Tube or Google Video. Don't just think of your cell phone as a phone, or even a camera phone, or even a third screen. It is a desktop to the world---the new "remote control" for your life.

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