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(2010)On the U.S.  Midway flight deck, with the crippled Carnival Splendor in the background, Happy 4th

It is better to ask for forgiveness than Permission To Go Ashore.

No Noose Is Good News
Ironically, Aircraft carriers are accidents looking for a place to happen.This time it wasn't a Battle Ship but  a cruise ship.  These guys at CCL, however,  were the Tim Gunn's of the industry. You know, because they made  it work no matter what.

CCL ships are flagged under Panama.Therefore, when you buy a ticket, you essentially give up your constitutional and consumer rights. Carnival Cruise Control, nevertheless went into overdrive and has gone overboard with comp upgrades-as we are staying three nights at the Hyatt. Headed for Paris tomorrow-Carnival is paying for the flight, reimbursed the voyage and is giving us another one too. The WalMart of cruising is living up to its moniker-pay less and have more fun.

Didja (here about The Carnival Splendor) Story or Black Swan Event?

While it was like wining the lottery, having a catastropic power failure at sea, this was no BP oil Spill, no Stock Market Crash, no 9-11. Nevertheless, when Disaster strikes, blame it on the Black Swan, dynamic--- something higly improbable that we retrofit a narrative later and rationalize as being entirely predictable.

The ship certainly has had bad luck. I wrote about the recent crew member jumping overboard two weeks ago. After that, I was joking "I don't want to be the last man out of a burning building" metaphor, and decided to leave the Splendor as Art Director, after five ships and 15 months at sea, but booked this cruise and couldn't get the money back.

Exerpt from my post: Denmark-My Fine Feathered Friend

Makes me think of"meaningful coincidence" and  Being Fooled By Randomness ...the architecture of my own brain that thinks things are happening by chance when they are actually happening by design.

Black Swan logic makes what you don't know far more relevant than what you do know. Isn't it strange to see an event happening precisely because it was not supposed to happen?

Black Swan events are The Computer, The Harry Potter Books, Nine  11, Susan Boyle; mainly and increasingly shaped by unlikely twists that nobody can ever successfully forecast. The more we think we know what will happen, the more we will be sideswiped by what will actually happen, which will becomes  the in to our sane!

Not only world events but for We the living---it goes something like this: nothing, nothing, boring, hard work, minor breakthrough, work, tedious, nothing, setback, routine, nothing, and then, suddenly – BA- BAM! Out of the blue, a major can of whoop-ass is delivered to my door.The combination of low predictability and high impact is coming on schedule, with my personal globalization, a cumulative effect of a handful of significant shock and awe experiences are having black swan dynamics.


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