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What a difference a year makes--Here now on the Pacific Ocean in Mexican waters , and then-September 2009 in France on The Seine.

To take a photograph of yourself is to participate in your own  mortality, vulnerability, and mutability. This one was taken 360 days ago.

I was born in America, but my hometown is Paris..
...walk through those doors
And wander Down the champs elysees
Going cafe to cabaret

Bean and Nothingness in a Parisian Coffee House

Channeling Novelist Jean-Paul Sartre, the biggest post WW2 noise in France,, as I passed the Cafe de Flore, on The Left Bank.
Once a hangout for Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir, JP would meet "The Family" and evolve existentialist philosophies over drinks.
Sartre asserted that "during 4 years, the road to the Café was for me the Road to Freedom."
You shall know the truth, but first it will piss you off- And to Sartre it was the truth as well as the fact that for France the road to freedom led through the abyss of defeat and despair.
JP's pontifications were a spiritual disinfectant—or at least deodorant for his peers. He offered the red pill and the blue one:Communism and suicide.
Who could forget his definition of man--condemned to be free.
Math is Hard-

FADE IN: I sit down for a coffee and a croissant. ..I ask for the check. It's 5.50 Euro. I give her 10 Euro and she gives me back 10 Euro 50. I made half a Euro on the deal--of course I leave her the balance as a tip, but WTF?
L8R,From The Abyss
I start thinking about The anniversary of Woodstock and Joni Mitchell, one of the GR8st songwriters. Think "Free Man In Paris" meets "Help Me" Verses "From the Abyss"and"No Exit".
Let's put Suite Judy Blue Eyes and JP Sartre in a Steel Cage to fight it out: Because what is freedom. It's not being alone. It's being in a relationship with someone that let's you do your own thing. More than that, as much as traveling alone--The swiftest one is the that goes alone, is cool; it's not where you go but who you go with. There is no Existential "nausée" and Romantic "ennui". Yet, Paris is for lovers.

I'll post some videos to the trip in a few days. Still in "Post" production LOL. La Cathedrale Notre-Dame, La Tour Eiffell, etc.
Here's Le Louvre:


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