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Keep Calm. Ship Happens! 

What an  amazing feeling when boarding a ship we have sailed on. The QM2 is no miraculous exception.  This is not your typical cruise ship. In fact, it is the last of the great oceanliners- passage ships designed for 12 months brutal Atlantic crossings NY to SO'TON. Her keel sits higher above  the water line, 7 decks instead of 5, which makes it cut water better and makes for a smoother ride. Today, the first voyage segment SOTON to Cape Town is completed. This is part of the 2018 World Cruise Itinerary. We last sailed on her in June 2017:

Prior to that, In July  2014, We sailed on her.The Mary cames to Hamburg for her tenth jubilee and  she got a special celebration by the locals 
QM2 @sea July 2014

After 6 sea days, we took a voyage, not a cruise onboard the Queen Mary2. This is the shortest bridge between New York and Europe. Airplanes, afterall, are like diets - I don't like being on them.
The QM2 allows dogs onboard-cute!
The Queen Mary 2 comes to Hamburg every year.
 For her tenth jubilee she got a special celebration.
I took lots of videos, and posted them for my my friends on Facebook, but this one pretty much sums up the crowds enthusiastic response  as the flagship sails away down The Elbe River to open waters in the North Atlantic...
Sailing across The Pond to NY


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