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Eating My Colors

I am discovering how this easy change in my diet  gives me more energy and makes me feel better than ever before.  A great nutritional life starts with an open mind- I really believe Juicing fresh raw fruits and vegetables  is a healing tonic that supports perfect health. I am seeing results, literally shedding weight, losing body fat and building lean muscle. This is not a CONversion but a REversion--Ive lived the California Venice Beach Body lifestyle before
I am by no means pedal to the metal like
when I was on  Good Morning America  5/27/99

Life is a bowl of cherries
Combined with 45 minutes of Yoga and gym workouts, I am feeling myself again., since "I Got  JUICED" from these pure gifts from Mother Nature.

Money doesn't grow on trees---but medicine does. I've included  the natural goodness apples and cherries as well to the overall apple a day keeps the doctor away mantra. Cherries have gained fame as one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatories.Apples are great for weight loss, a digestion cleanser, and improves brain function and memory. and just a great source of raw energy.

I cut and pasted some "data" on some of the juices I am using: Celery,Watermelon, Beet,Watermelon, Pineapple. Pear. It's all about alkalinity:

The Incredible Powers of Celery Juice, a  pH Miracle Food.

Drinking fresh celery juice neutralizes acidity, alkalizes the body, and balances the body's pH.


Celery has  (8) anti cancer compounds
Also reduces blood pressure naturally without drugs
It relieves constipation
The polyacetylene in celery relieves inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis
Aids kidney function by eliminating toxins
Celery also curbs cravings for sweets and rich foods
Celery juice is highly nutritious and one of the most hydrating foods we can put in our bodies. Because it is incredibly alkalizing, it equalizes the body's PH, which is vital for peak health. In ancient times, it was considered a medicinal herb used to treat a variety of health complaints. The minerals and vitamins and nutrients are in perfect harmony with each other. Celery leaves are high in vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and dense in potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids.

This super food also contains important concentrations of plant hormones and the very special essential oils that give celery its characteristic smell. These oils help to regulate the nervous system, and are very calming.

Celery is rich in sodium, which is very different to table salt. Normal table salt is composed of insoluble inorganic compounds which lead to the development of varicose veins, hardening of the arteries and other aliments. If salt, including sea salt is white, then it has been processed and all minerals and nutrients have been destroyed. It’s a perfect rehydration drink.

On the other hand, the sodium that is available in celery is soluble and organic (live), and is essential for the body. Organic salt allows the body to use the other nutrients that are taken into the body. Every cell in our body is constantly bathed in a salt solution, and if the salt level is not in balance, dehydration occurs. This is why celery juice is a perfect rehydration drink for athletes.

Other Benefits of Celery Juice

Fights Cancer - Celery is known to contain at least eight families of anti-cancer compounds. A study at Rutgers University of New Jersey found that celery contains a number of compounds that help prevent cancer cells from spreading. Celery contains compounds called acetylenics and this compound has been shown to stop the growth of tumor cells. Celery contains other compounds called phonolic acids that block the action of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which encourage the growth of tumor cells. Coumarins, another phytonutrient in celery helps prevent free-radicals from damaging cells and prevent the formation and development of the colon and stomach cancers.

Lowers Cholesterol - Laboratory studies also indicate that butyl phthalide, a chemical in celery, may help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, celery reduces cholesterol levels by as much as 7 points with as little as 2 stalks a day. Celery also aids in increasing bile acid secretion which helps to remove cholesterol from the body.

Aids in Digestion - Special nutrients in the fiber are released during juicing that aid bowel movements. This makes celery a natural laxative that helps to relieve constipation. It also helps relax nerves that have been overworked by man-made laxatives.

Diuretic - The potassium and sodium in celery juice are powerful body fluid regulators that stimulate urine production to help rid the body of excess fluid.

Anti Inflammatory - The polyacetylene in celery is an amazing relief for all inflammation including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis. A study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Science U.S.A found that another powerful phytonutrient called luteolin prevents activation of a pathway that allows inflammation in the brain to get switched on. Luteolin also inhibits the excess production of TNF-alpha, a direct cause of inflammation. Juice is the most efficient and nutritious way to eat celery, and people who have these conditions can drink as much juice as desired without overdosing.

Lower blood pressure - Celery's potential for reducing high blood pressure has long been recognized by Chinese medicine. Studies show that drinking celery juice every day for 1 week can significantly help lower blood pressure. A compound called phtalides helps relax the muscles around the arteries, dilating the vessels and allowing blood to flow smoothly. Pthalides also reduce stress hormones, one of whose effects is to cause blood vessels to constrict. When researchers injected 3-n-butyl phthalide derived from celery into laboratory animals, the animals' blood pressure dropped 12 to 14 percent. Celery amazingly doesn't lower blood pressure which is already low.

Insomnia - The minerals and essential oils in celery juice have a calming effect on the nervous system, making it beneficial for insomniacs. Its high magnesium levels help people to relax into a soothing and restful sleep.

Weight loss - Drinking celery juice frequently throughout the day helps curb cravings for sweet. It is filling without putting any extra pounds on.

Elimination and Prevention of stones - Celery juice is an amazing eliminator of toxins from the body, which aids in the breaking and elimination of urinary and gall bladder stones. This lovely juice helps those who have suffered from stones from getting them again.

Increased Sexuality - Celery juice is beneficial for weak sexuality, yet doesn't cause an uncontrollable urge as some pharmaceutical drugs do. Celery balances the system rather than increasing it.

Celery can be juiced with any other fruits or vegetables. A particularly delicious and powerful combination is carrot, apple, cucumber and celery.


Watermelon Juice+ Rinds - Natures Viagra

Citrulline and Arginine

Watermelon Juice is very alkalizing, a rejuvenating blood tonic, promotes weight loss ,helps to control blood pressure and is very cleansing. It is a Super Anti-Aging Food.
 Concentrated within every piece of watermelon and heavily concentrated in the watermelon rind is an amino acid known as Citrulline. Citrulline promotes healthy circulation and the proper flow of blood through the system, helping to treat hypertension, angina and other cardiovascular issues. It also promotes healthy sexual function and has been touted as Nature’s Viagra.
Citrulline can be found throughout the pink flesh of the watermelon, but seems to be heavily concentrated within the white rind of the melon. When citrulline enters the blood stream it reacts to the body's own natural enzymes, which are then transformed into an amino acid called arginine. This amino acid is healthy for the heart, circulatory system, and the body's overall immunity. However to have this effect happen within the body, a very large amount of watermelon rind must be consumed.

What arginine does specifically is it raises nitric oxide levels in the body, and this in turn relaxes the blood vessels. When this happen, it provides a temporary cure to anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is the same effect Viagra has, only this is more natural. Some research suggests that large consumption of watermelon and watermelon rind over time could even go so far as to prevent erectile dysfunction, however this is purely speculation at the moment.

Pear Juice-

A Pear is Shaped Like A Gallbladder Hmmmmmmm

Health Benefits
Pear juice is also very effective for gall bladder dis---EASE

Pears are often recommended as a hypo-allergenic fruit that is high in fiber but less likely to produce adverse reactions. Pear juice is safe to be introduced to infants as they are mild, yet healthful.
Blood pressure:  Pears have anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen glutathione which help prevent high blood pressure and stroke.
Cancer prevention:  The high vitamin C and copper content act as good anti-oxidants that protect cells from damages by free radicals.
Cholesterol:  The high content of pectin in pears make it very useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels.
Colon health:  When not juicing, eat the pear whole for its precious fiber that are highly beneficial for your colon health.
Constipation:  The pectin in pears is diuretic and have a mild laxative effect. Drinking pear juice regularly helps regulate bowel movements.
Energy:  You can get quick and natural source of energy from pear juice, due largely to its high amounts of fructose and glucose.
Fever:  The cooling effect in pear is excellent in relieving fever. Best way to bring a fever down quickly is by drinking a big glass of pear juice.
Immune booster:  The anti-oxidant nutrients in pears are critical in building up your immune system. Drink pear juice when you feel a cold coming.
Inflammation:  Pear juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps relieve sufferers of much pain in various inflammatory conditions.
Osteoporosis:  Pears contain high level of boron. Boron helps the body to retain calcium, thus prevents or retards osteoporosis.

Beet Juice

Known for decades as a liver-protective food,  Beet Juice is The Juice That Makes Exercise Easier

Beetroot juice is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and naturally occurring nitrates. Nitrates are compounds which improve blood flow throughout the body – including the brain, heart, and muscles.
Beets are rich in betaine, which stimulates liver cell function and helps keep the bile ducts healthy and flowing so that the body can properly eliminate toxins. Beets also protect against heart disease because another benefit of betaine is its ability to reduce homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is the toxic amino acid that increases risk of cardiovascular disease.

Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), is a minor "mood enhancer". Through a series of events, it increases serotonin levels and can be used to help relieve many cases of depression.

Drinking just over two cups of beetroot juice daily may help keep your blood pressure in check, according to a 2008 study. Within three hours of drinking 500 milliliters (about 17 ounces) of beetroot juice, volunteers showed a significant decrease in blood pressure. What's more, that drop in blood pressure was sustained for up to 24 hours after the juice was consumed.

Beets also help protect against cancer, particularly colon cancer, and there is something called "Beet Therapy" which doctors have used to get rid of tumors and to help with blood diseases and leukemia. Even the leaves of raw beets have been eaten and useful and beneficial to one's health. The leaves have been known to counter "garlic" breath and in Roman times Hippocrates advocated the use of beet leaves as binding for healing wounds.

Among the other healthy uses of beets are:

*Helping cleanse the colon
*Strengthening the gall bladder
*Increasing stamina
*Treat and curing boils, abscesses and even acne.

Pineapples Juice (Skins and all)-The anti-inflammatory healing fruit of the tropics-

Not only Vitamin C but also Bromelain

Bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme with analgesic properties, encourages healing, promotes well-being and has many other health benefits. Bromelain is very effective in treating bruises, sprains and strains by reducing swelling, tenderness and pain. Bromelain also aids with digestion by helping the body break down proteins. Pineapple juice is rich in potassium which promotes kidney function. Pineapple juice contains thiamine and B6. Pineapple juice is packed with vitamin C
This powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect can also help relieve osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and reduce postoperative swelling.

Additionally, bromelain can relieve indigestion. The enzyme contained in fresh pineapple helps break down the amino acid bonds in proteins, which promotes good digestion.


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