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Emigrants or Immigrants
huddled masses
I came to America last week as an expat. You know, on a Disney cruise ship, through the Statue of Liberty. And I saw that skyline, not just as a representation of steel and concrete and glass, but as really the bedrock  of the American Dream.
It has  become the statue of my personal liberty. We don't call it the statue of immigration, we call it the statue of liberty. Lady Liberty is stepping forward. She is meant to be carrying the torch of liberty from the USA to the rest of the world. 

With Steve Mars In NYC Today
Empire State of Mind

Jay Z expresses  his personal feelings about  everyday life in NYC.

Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade
Long live the Kingdome, I'm from the Empire St. that's New York

The black and white opening slide show captures the the upper-crust  landmarks that make Manhattan famous, a far cry from the Marcy Projects that he once rapped about, but more or less expected from the self-described new Sinatra.

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